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Buying a Wedding Dress from China- Scam?

I would like some feedback on this from other bride-budgeters!

I did a google search but I'm not sure who I can trust! I found the most gorgeous gown on MICweddingdresses.com


they custom make these dresses for you free of charge, and even send pictures of the finished product for you to OK before they send it to you. What I'm wondering is, with all the horror stories of China scams, how do I know this is legit? This is the first result under "cheap wedding dresses" on google, they've been in business for 7 years and they do have a return policy, so what should I do? Have you guys heard anything about THIS specific site or have any of you ordered a dress here?

Re: Buying a Wedding Dress from China- Scam?

  • That's a tough one.  I looked at some of those sites before I bought my dress in the US in person.  I would try contacting them multiple times before you place an order, and get all the facts about the ordering process you can.  Most important: Is there a money back guarantee if you are dissatisfied?  I couldn't get a response from the place I was considering ordering from, so that was a huge red flag. 

    Another problem is that a lot of these companies put up photos from real designers (Maggie Sottero seems to be popular), but the dress that you get is not identical.  It is a cheap replica with lower quality materials and sometimes major differences from the picture because of it.  You may get a beautiful dress, but it probably won't be the dress you are expecting.  That's why they ask you to OK it before they send it to you.  What happens if you do not OK the dress they have prepared?  Do they keep trying until you are satisfied?  Or do they make a few minor changes and send it anyway?

    I have only heard from one person who ordered from China (after I got my dress), and she was very disappointed.  I was glad I chose to go local, but the price makes it very tempting.  There is just no knowing until you get the dress.  Ask yourself if it's worth the gamble.
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    One of my bridesmaids got married over the summer and she got her dress from www.lightinthebox.com. It didnt take very long and had great quality. Her only problem was she ordered a stock size instead of giving her measurements and she had to find a local seamstress to take it in and the seamstress stunk.

    ps- be careful to read the shipping information. go by time wise that you have not by price. sometimes they advertise the cheapest shipping costs and if you didnt read you might have selected the one that takes several months.
  • On the site is says they will keep trying until you are satisfied and then send it. They also claim to use real satin and everything else. I'm just not sure what to do. I've heard some terrible things about light in the box and TradeMIC, but nothing so far about micweddingdresses.com.
  • I agree with trying to go with local if possible if your nervous about buying online. Even the best sites (aka like the knot) get some negitive comments. By going local you can try to hagle more deals as well as knowing instantly about the dress. I found my dress at davids (even with there AWFUL sales reps) on the 99 dollar rack, have you looked there or at consignment shops or even craigslist?
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    Seriously, how many times has this question been asked this week? And why are so many people actually considering getting what is for most of us the most expensive dress we will ever wear from some Chinese sweat shop? /rant

    Sorry, but these sites are quickly becoming a pet peeve for me. Ditto advice from pps.

    Edit: If something sounds too good to be true, that's because it usually is.
  • I'm not familiar with this particular website, but there are some websites in China that do a consistently good job. I, myself, researched several websites because I considered doing this myself. The ones that I know that are pretty good are:

    Milly Bridal: http://www.millybridal.com
    Dressilyme: http://www.dressilyme.com
    Gianinar Bridal: http://www.gianinar.com/
    April Bridal: http://stores.ebay.com/April-Bridal
    Monica Bridal: http://www.dhgate.com/wholesale/store/ff80808124d88a430124e15498a72475.html

    There are several threads on it as well that helped during my research:




    With that being said, I decided to have my dress custom made by a woman located in NJ. Her website is http://www.ieieshop.com

    I love the work she's doing and their's no communication barrier

  • the reason this question gets asked so much is because most of us are poor and we don't want a wedding to put us deeper in the hole! haha but thanks everyone for the comments, I think you have convinced me to just shop locally. Besides, since we are talking about poverty, at least I would be supporting my local economy. lol
  • If you have time stalk Craigslist.  I was able to get a new gown with tags on it, the vail, taria, and bra for 125.00.  It was not the exact gown I fell in love with, it is better.  I was going to order from China, but was too worried about quality.

  • FYI: I'm a seamstress (well, a hobby seamstress), and "real satin" doesn't actually mean anything - there are satins that are made of synthetic materials, and satins that are made of natural materials, and they're all satin. - So therefore a real satin could be a gorgeous high quality fabric, or could be a less beautiful less quality fabric. Hopefully that helps you to know as you make your decision!
  • i got mine from dhgate.com and it came out wonderful!!!!!!!i do recommend having a professional seamstress take ur measurements and sending them to who ever you buy from. Don't expect perfection or EXACT desginer but for the price its totally worth it. Mine is goregous and looks just like the picture and fits perfectly. Its knock off maggie sottero nyna dress for $156 and i couldnt be happier. i could send you pictures if you like email me meganreilly22@hotmail.com (put china dress in subject)
  • My mom ordered bridesmaid dresses from Milanoo.com and I really liked them a lot so she wanted to get a wedding dress too. It was awful! the sash was sewn between the boobs instead of under, the broach was scratched, it was not made to my measurements, and it STAINS on it which looked like dirt and BLOOD! They refused to refund the money, give store credit or come to any settlement even though they had a return policy so we are escalating it to a claim with the credit card company for fraud. I ended up getting a beautiful gown on Ebay. I strongly recommend you check out Ebay, Craigslist, and consignment shops in your area and dont even THINK about knock off made in china dresses.
  • My chinese dress never even showed up. Beware Vintage Bridal Apparel .com. They stopped responding to my emails, have no phone number (that should have been red flag number one). I am incredibly upset as I want a dress with a bateau neckline and a full back, tea lenghth. Think audry heapburn. I am only 5'1" and I dont want the dress to wear me and also need to cover up a tattoo on my back. Ugh, dress shopping shouldnt be this hard!
  • DO NOT BUY FROM VINTAGEBRIDALAPPAREL.COM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This place is a total SCAM! I bought a dress from them (the same one as you, with a bateau neck line). The dress came to me in a lavender hue, black lines running across the fabric, completely different flower on the side and without straps! This dress looks and feels SO BAD I would not give it to Goodwill! NOT AT ALL as pictured!!!

    I have attempted to contact the company several times to get a refund and an address to send it back. They will not email me back and do not have a phone number!

    Ladies, learn from me. DO NOT BUY FROM THESE SCAM ARTISTS!!!!!

    In Response to Re: Buying a Wedding Dress from China- Scam?:
    My chinese dress never even showed up. Beware Vintage Bridal Apparel .com. They stopped responding to my emails, have no phone number (that should have been red flag number one). I am incredibly upset as I want a dress with a bateau neckline and a full back, tea lenghth. Think audry heapburn. I am only 5'1" and I dont want the dress to wear me and also need to cover up a tattoo on my back. Ugh, dress shopping shouldnt be this hard!
    Posted by ndehaan
  • They sent me a disgusting fake dress and will not respond to my requests for a refund!!!!
    They sent me a disgusting fake dress and will not respond to my requests for a refund!!!!
    Posted by Twin36
    . I was just wondering how you are dealing with them because I also purchased a dress that I haven't received and they won't email me back. I've already made a dispute claim with PayPal, but since reading what you've said I'm going to change it to fraud.

    Hmmm... I agree gals, as everything has to be perfect in our very special day. :)


    If I had the same experience, perhaps you can also try to verify the site's reputation from http://verify1st.com/micweddingdresses.com. They reveal a website's identity, reputation as well as relationships. And these are helpful especially if we have some doubts about a certain site. Still, it's quite hard to say if their site is a scam or not.


    Upon checking, their domain has been registered since 2009 and has existed for quite a fair amount of time. 


    You can also check the Third Party Trust Verification Badge, which is usually located at the bottom or at the side of the page. From this http://certs.websiteprotection.com/sealws/?sealId=4d346ec5-2658-444a-a220-130e0a0607d7&pop=true, it seems that it is verified and updated.


    In addition, they also reveal a contact e-mail address using their domain, which is a good sign.


    Hope this helps (especially in any one's future wedding plans). Bottom line, if you gals have a bit of skepticism, just trust your gut! 


  • I would like to weigh in. I fell in love with 2 dresses; I loved specific elements of each and wanted to combine the design. After extensive (extensive = weeks of online research, creating a document with all the reviews and info I could find), I placed an order with a company I found through Dhgate. I wanted crinkled silk chiffon, which can cost upwards to $60/yard. I also wanted rushed/rushing details. I ended up paying $450, including shipping. The dress is absolutely beautiful. I absolutely love the fabric and the craftsmenship and would not hesitate to order from China in the future. I found a great seller, who traded email after email with me, and took progress pictures, to ensure I was getting the dress I loved. I would recommend going this route for the discerning and vested bride who has several months before the big day. I ordered only 6 months before the wedding, and it took another month or so to get the communication on the design and details finalized. Once we finalized the details, I received my dress within a month of payment (I had paid $20 extra for rushed shipping, so I got the dress in the mail maybe four days after the seamstress shipped). 
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