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Ceremony by the road. Any suggestions?

Hey everyone. We revisited our venue yesterday. The ceremony and reception will be at the same place, a rustic barn setting.
We were originally going to have the ceremony outdoor on a hill by some beautiful flowers. But the ground is too unlevel for the chairs the guests will be sitting in.
We found two other good spots on the property. The only problem is they are a little bit closer to the road than our original spot. I mean, its not like right next to or across from the road. Its just a little closer than what i want it to be.
The only thing im worried is about the road noise. I want the feeling to be there when im walking down the aisle like, "OMG, its my wedding." And i want our guests to feel like a wedding too and not be distracted by the road noise. Any suggestions or advice? Did anyone have a wedding near a road but were so in the moment that it didnt distract them or the guests? Plus, we will be having music playing by the DJ for our ceremony music, so there will be non road sound as were walking down. Thanks everyone!
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Re: Ceremony by the road. Any suggestions?

  • How busy is the road?  If it was a major highway with constant traffic, then I'd be a little worried.  But if it's a back country road with only occasional traffic, then it probably won't be a big deal, especially if you have music.

    Have you been to your venue on the same day of the week and time as your ceremony to see how bad the traffic will be?
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    It's a risk you take.  Even though trees and hedges, we heard a group of motorcyclists go by during our ceremony.
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  • Avion- we do plan on going there the day of the week and the time to see how its going o be. Its not a mjor highway. its just a main road that it used very often. Good luck Bear, when the motorcyclists went by, how did you feel?
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  • My sister in law just had an outdoor wedding on Saturday and was fairly close to the main road/2 lane highway through our town. We honestly could hear any of the cars going by and it wasnt even that far off of the road.
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  • Our ceremony was right next to our road, which is a tiny dirt road with very little traffic, but a few cars, and one very loud motercycle passed during the ceremony.  We just ignored the cars, and when the motercycle passed it was SO LOUD that everyone stopped to watch it go by....and then we all just started laughing.  How you deal with road noise is up to YOU. If you think it will irritate you, then it probably will, but it's your choice.
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  • Thanks everyone. Definetly making me feel more better about it
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