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Rustic Cabin Wedding and Reception Parking Advice

Hi all,
It seems we have come to somewhat of a problem regarding the parking for our wedding.  We are having the wedding at a cabin that is up a long narrow driveway (that is uphill, I might add).  There is really nowhere at the location for guests to park, and the driveway is owned by an elderly lady, and we have been asked to not park along the sides of the driveway.

The owner of the cabin has offered us an area around 1/4 a mile away from the actual location, which is wonderful.  However, it is too far to request that guests walk the entire way, especially for those in heels or who are elderly, so we would like to offer some sort of transportation for the guests to get from the parking area to the ceremony and reception site (same location.)  At first we'd thought about asking my uncle to drive either a rented or borrowed van to shuttle guests, however decided that he would not be able to enjoy our wedding for having to take so many guests back and forth.  

I was just wondering if there is anyone else out there who has had to deal with major wedding parking issues, and through what means you were able to park your guests and transport them to your wedding location.  We are on a tight budget, as we are both still in college and paying mostly ourselves with some help from our parents.  Any ideas or suggestions?
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Re: Rustic Cabin Wedding and Reception Parking Advice

  • i would hire a shuttle service that way your family isnt having to do it and can enjoy your day.  i woulda taken in the lack of parking to venue if you can change i would look elsewhere. 

  • Can you hire someone with a wagon? There can be a hay-ride back and forth and that would fit your rustic theme. And maybe set up a walkie-talkie station so he/she  knows if they need to go to  the lot or site. Also, feed this person and tip them well!
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    We were thinking about renting a van and "hiring" someone from my workplace to run the shuttle for a few hours. The plan was to pay them $100 or so, which was far less than hiring a shuttle company. (Plans changed because we changed venues and no longer had a need.)
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    Thanks for all the suggestions, everyone!  We really like the idea of the hay ride or hiring a friend or acquaintance, and I'll have to look into the shuttle service to see how much that would cost here in Oklahoma.  Great ideas!  

    We really aren't looking to change the venue, as this one seems to fit our personalities, size and purposes...all parking except the parking issue.
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  • Wagon idea is great, but make sure there are steps at pick up & drop off location so people can get on & off easily unless it's ground level. And ask the driver to get off to offer a hand to people getting on & off.

  • Does your church have a van? Some have transportation for members that can not drive. Maybe you can work something out with them.
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