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rustic park shelter: reception decor ideas?

Any ideas or photo inspiration on how you might decorate a rustic shelter at the park for a daytime reception? It's basically an open no-walls shelter with concrete flooring and picnic tables.

Re: rustic park shelter: reception decor ideas?

  • What about hanging those Chinese lanterns from the top of the shelter. White (or whatever you colors are) table clothes over the picnic tables. I think mason jars for simple floral arrangements are really cute for rustic themed weddings.  
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  • I agree with pp.....also, my friend had mason jars at hers with sunflowers in them as certerpieces, then she had mason jars as cups with a lemonade stand for drinks....it was reallly cute
  • Depends on how dramatic you want to be....I've seen a photo somewhere (tk?) where they had yards of fabric (tulle?) draped over rafters of the pavilion. I've seen the use of the paper lanterns as well. You could also hang planters here and there around the outside perimeter of the pavilion.
  • My wedding location sounds exactly like yours, but mine is at night. Im hanging chinese lanterns and mason jars with candles. During the day you can still use lanterns that dont require light or tissue balls. I was thinking about adding some tulle or a sheer tablecloth or curtain around the shelter, but decided not to.
  • We were thinking about a venue like that at first so I had looked up some stuff.  I think I deleted it a while ago but the thing I remember most was that someone had hung 'curtains' in front of all the outside pillars (on the inside)and gathered them at the middle with pretty bows.  It looked like giant open doors.
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