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Outdoor reception ideas?

I am going to have an indoor ceremony in a church, but I love the idea of an outdoor wedding, so I'm considering having my reception outdoors.  Any thoughts on this?  I think a tent is a must-have in case of bad weather, but I attended a tent wedding once that did not look very classy.  Can anyone offer any advice on how to pull this off?  Any ideas on what types of venues work best for putting up a tent?  Any tips on how to avoid problems with heat, bugs, wind and rain?  Thanks in advance for all of your help!!!

Re: Outdoor reception ideas?

  • Hello! I think having a tent is beautiful, you can always ask them to had decor, like hanging chandlers or the rice paper lights in the center of tent, above the dance floor. Add tall flower vases at each tables, there so many things you can do to have a a beautiful glowing reception tent. i would suggest getting married outside and having the reception out side near the ceremony, that way it wont be too confusing. I hope this helps! Aslo think about the linens, the tables, and chairs and the decore to make your tent so exciting.
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  • Most of my ideas for a classy outdoor wedding cost money, so it may depend on your budget. A high peak pole tent will look classy. Decorations ( from tent pole covers to hanging lanterns or Xmas type lights) will add good ambience. Using real china and glassware, possibly getting a floor for the tent, and having nice chairs will help the event look classy too. Also remember that the caterer may need a separate tent depending on your location.Depending where your reception is, you may deal with heat. Provide lots of fans (electric) and bottled water and let people know it's outside so they can dress accordingly. Your tent should take care of wind and rain--you can get sidewalls if necessary.
  • We're doing a fll on outdoor wedding in my fiance's grandmother's backyard, and I agree the tent can be done very tacky and I was totally unsure of it at first, but no need to worry! Look at some rental companies in your area, I discovered that places off "tent liners" which are kind of expensive but gorgeous! They're organza and some places off a veriety of colors. We're having ours with string light between the tent and the liner and the hanging chandaliers, it's going to be gorgeous. They're also setting up pole covers that matche the liner. Where all depends on the size of the tent you need. For my roughly 100 person wedding we're getting a 30x60 tent which will hold 12 round 8 person tables, long rectangular tables for the bridal party, two buffets, a bar, a DJ stage, and a dance floor.As far as avoiding all those things, they have tents with sides! That will keep out bugs and wind and rain for you, heat; some places actually allow you to rent an A/C for their tent! It's all there just start browsin and definately get as many quotes from as many places in your area as you can! We ended up getting more from the company that we're using for $1000 less than the next best priced company without the liner! Good luck!
  • We went with a pole tent (poles were covered in white fabric) and had hanging organza lights.  I also upgraded to chiavari chairs and white pintuck linens.  You can kind of see the lights in the pic below.  We had a 40'x60' tent for 11 tables, a bar, a dessert table, band, and dance floor.  It was a tight fit. 
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  • what about draping the sides of the tent, or hanging draping from the roof in the center outwords...maybe paper lanterns or parasouls hanging...i love tonnes of candles but get a bit freaked out with the fire hazzards but i know you can get electric candles that flicker..inside votives etc you cant tell the difference....dont forget about flooring...especially if the weather is a bit wet...or at least a dancefloor... dont forget to think  about toilet options? and a coolroom for food and alcohol?I'm sure you can hire large fans for the heat, or heaters..maybe buy a couple bottles of insect repelent and have them in the toilets or at the bar
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