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outdoor wedding sites in dartmouth MA or nearby?

hi! please let me know if you have any suggestions for cute, non-banquet hall or "club"  sites for a wedding in or nearby dartmouth MA. most places i have seen online look very commercial/generic and have no charm. we want to get married in the town my fiance grew up, but very nearby would do as well! i like nantucket and martha's vineyard but it seems too far and expensive. thanks!!!!!!!! :)

Re: outdoor wedding sites in dartmouth MA or nearby?

  • I would post this to the local board - this board is for all over the world. Only outdoor place I know of is the Officer's Club at Navy base in Newport, RI. Good luck
  • Hi and welcome to the Outdoor Weddings board! I strongly urge you to visit your local board for advice on finding potential wedding sites in your area. This is an international board and you will get far more helpful feedback on your local. Good luck!
  • Independence Harbor in Freetown is nice & fairly inexpensive if you get married off season. That's about 10 min. from Dartmouth, off of Rt. 24.
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