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Alternatives to Petals, Bubbles, Bird Seed, etc

We are having our ceremony in my parents backyard in early Septmeber.  Without a church door to come out of and make an exit, I was thinking of having something for the guests to throw as we make our way down the aisle.  Is that appropraite or possible with an 8 chair deep row on either side of the aisle?

And on to what to have thrown.  I am fairly non-traditional and I do not like rose petals.  So do you ladies have any creative ideas for the throwing?  


Re: Alternatives to Petals, Bubbles, Bird Seed, etc

  • If you want to go through a lot of bubbles you are going to have to wait for everyone to blow them first and then walk.  Might be a weird moment in the wedding.  Everyone is going to be busy trying to blow bubbles and it's going to be silent as you exit.

    They have biodegradable confetti which might be a cool idea.
  • Be careful with bubble they can stain your dress if they pop on it.
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  • In Response to Re: Alternatives to Petals, Bubbles, Bird Seed, etc:
    Be careful with bubble they can stain your dress if they pop on it.
    Posted by fairy_diva
    Really?! I would have never thought that was possible. Interesting.

    The sparkler thing was awesome.  

    Bird seeds scare me, how many of them would end up going down my dress...eekkkk
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    We're considering ribbon wands that guests can wave instead of bubbles.  More manageable and less messy. 
  • Just a thought - you should check with your venue first.  At mine, we aren't allowed to do any of those things, except I guess the ribbon wand.
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  • Wow, yeah, I don't know how I missed that.

    Well, you still might want to run your ideas by them if it's something that will be left on the ground.  But definitely not the issue I was thinking it might be.
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  • My mom is growing lavender for us, and we'll dry the buds and use those for tossing :)
  • Ahh, I didn't know that bubbles could stain the dress.  Good to know because I was considering that.  Thanks!
  • You can get specific bubbles that won't do that...but if they don't say they don't, then they probably will.

    FI and I decided to throw sunflower seeds since sunflowers are a partial theme of our wedding... (actually FI's idea...he's so smart!) 

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  • I saw in a magazine where all the guests threw paper planes, something different to think about...
  • I'm a firm believer in ebay. They have some really good deals on bubbles, petals. Pretty much whatever you want. I'm also glad to know about the stining possibility.
  • I found plantable confetti when I was on my search for "GREEN" thank yous...here is the website:


    so if they don't pick it all up it will just grow flowers Smile.

    We are having a destination wedding! We are planning to release butterflies...they help keep the population up and they are raises at butterfly farms and sent to a place of your choice the day before your wedding with instructions, you can have them single in envelopes for all to release or a cage you and your new groom open together...I have seen many websites and have not chosen one yet so I would just google wedding butterflies if you like that idea
  • We are having a dove release. We will  hand release two doves and then as the we exit the handlers will release another dozen doves. The doves are trained to fly home and supposedly are trained to fly with their legs tucked underneath to avoid any "accidents".
  • We are walking through sparklers as we leave :)
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