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Backyard wedding- tent and flooring required?

Good morning everyone. My fiance and I have decided to get married on our 19 acre farm. We are in the beginning stages but I have a few concernsthat I need some opinions on.
The first is if a tent is necessary. I dislike the idea of a tent, and I did my weather research, it hasnt rained the past 4 years on this particular weekend. The weather will be around 80 maybe a little warmer as a high, and in the mid 60's in the evening. The ceremony will begin around 5:30. Is a tent necessary for this? I will take care of the bug issue, so we should be ok there, but I want to enjoy the views of the pastures and stars at night. Especially during sunset.
My other concern is, do I need flooring? I prefer the look of the grass but I am concerned about women in heels. I am going to have a semi-formal wedding and assume many would be wearing heels. I know there is a similar post and I read through it, where most stated for the ceremony it should be fine. But what about for a reception as well? Another posted a similar cituation where her heels got dirty and she sunk into the grass but it was only forthe ceremony. Had it been for the reception also, it would have become annoying. I'm really really leaning towards no floor but I dont want to be selfish.

And third, if I decide against a tent, can I still have a floor if it seems necessary?

Thanks for any replies, suggestion, etc

Re: Backyard wedding- tent and flooring required?

  • I have a tent because if I didn't, it would rain.  I also have a dance floor that I'm renting , but you also have to get a subfloor to go on the grass.  The only reason why I did this was to create a dance area, and since my mom has trouble walking...I thought it would be best.

    I think if people know its an outdoor wedding, they should wear proper shoes.
  • I will have a dance floor no matter what the other decisions are. Its creates a place for everyone to go shake their you know whats.
  • I'm having a tent for the same reason - it hasn't rained in 7 years on our wedding weekend, but I KNOW that if I didn't get a tent, it would pour. Also I would stress out way too much. This way I know we have a backup plan.

    As for flooring, we are only having a dancefloor. People, I assume, will wear appropriate footwear since they know it will be an outdoor ceremony & reception.
  • We will have a tent on reserve, depending on the 10 day forecast will determine if it gets set up. But i prefer not to have one. IF its not going  to rain, do you see qa need for an evening wedding?
  • For an evening wedding there's no need for a tent (assuming the no-rain thing, which you've already got covered).  It might be easier to string up lighting, etc. if you have a tent and the accompanying beams and stuff, but you could just as easily bring in stand-alone lights and stuff. 

    So, no.  No tent. And I probably wouldn't notice if there was no floor as long as there was a dancefloor.   But bomb for bugs beforehand!  I would think that having a floor down would reduce chiggers, mosquitos, etc. 
  • We are having a tent to put tables under then using the deck as the dance floor. I don't think you need a tent if you don't want one other than for rain. We are having a tent because if it does rain ceremony and all will have to be under the tent.
  • I would have a tent because you just never know what could happen. There are many companies that have tents with windows in them and also with air conditioners in case it is super hot that day. As for the dance floor, i personally would have one but an idea would be to offer flip flops for everyone so when they are dancing they are not falling into the grass with there heels.  hope this is helpful and bst of luck <3
  • You don't need one, but I would contact some rental places for backup just in case it strangely starts raining that day. Just for some peace of mind. And no, just have flooring for the dance floor if you like. Most of the outdoor weddings I've been to do this.
  • What about lighting?  I would think that you probably should at minimum have a tent on hold.

     I'm not familiar with NC weather, but do you get a lot of dew at night?  This could make the grass a bit slippery for dancing.

  • I'm not a huge fan of lawns at night, especially in a dress and heels.  I imagine insects flying up from the grass to bite my legs, and it being scratchy and damp.  I'm all for the outdoor, tentless patio, though.  During the day or for the ceremony is one thing, but if you're going to have an evening wedding with dancing, I would get some kind of a floor.  
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  • Theres always the possibilty of rain, or even wind upsetting thngs. It also allows you to keep everyone contained, and lighting would be so much easier with a tent.
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  • Sounds like if anything the weather might be warm.  That would be the only reason I might have a tent.

    Instead of doing one big tent you could do smaller canopy style ones maybe two or so with some chairs or seating underneath so if people get overheated they have somewhere to sit in the shade.  Maybe make sure there are some galvanized buckets with ice and water there so they can relax for a bit.

    I know it's expensive but I would suggest a dance floor if you are going to be having music for people to dance to. It doesn't have to be very large though.
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  • As for the heels in the grass, I've seen several brides put a basket of flip flops out after the dinner so people can wear comfy shoes as they dance.

    If you want a designated dance area but not a floor you could either mow the area a little shorter than the rest of the field, or make a boundary out of luminaries -LED would mean you didn't have to worry about flames and dancing people.

    I would recommend a tent on hold just in case and for peace of mind.

    Good Luck!
  • Honey you can do whatever you want!  If you don't want a tent don't have it. Its a great idea to have one on back up which I see you will, but if you are having a DJ make sure that they are ok with it. I know mine made sure that we will be having a tent for my fiances and my backyard wedding. You can always do the smaller tents if needed which I think someone else had mentioned. I am only doing a dancefloor and made sure to mention that multiple times on our website and our save the date. I even put "wear heels at your own risk". LOL Everyone that we are inviting knows my personality and understands I am being funny but serious at the same time. I would make sure to mention somewhere if you decide against the floor. I have found pictures of outdoor weddings with floors and no tents. Do what makes you happy just make sure people know so they can prepare. If they don't like it well they can make sure not to do it at their wedding.. ;) GOOD LUCK!!

    Also do you have a specific website where you found the precipitaion info for previous years cause I haven't been able to find it for our date!

  • I would have a backup plan for getting a tent last minute if it might rain, or in my case, if it's going to be really hot and you need to provide some shade. I would still do the dance floor, especially if dancing is really imporatnt to you. I think it would encourage people to get out and dance more than if there weren't a floor. Sounds like it will be a great wedding though :) Good luck!
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