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decorating a pole tent with paper lanterns

I want to decorate the inside of the tent with paper lanterns but don't know how many I need.  Does anyone know how to determine how many I need?

Re: decorating a pole tent with paper lanterns

  • It depends on your look/vision, budget, and how you arrange to hang them.

    The best prices I've seen are at www.lunabazaar.com. They have a variety of shapes, sizes and colors.

    For the optimum "pow", you could hang wire or fishing line type string across from poles to edges, and back, and then tie the lanterns onto the line/wire. I'd recommend getting battery operated lights, they are much easier.

    Good luck.
  • I will be taking branches from our property and spraying them with silvery/white spray paint.  These branches will be hung from the top of tent, and then the lanterns hung from branches.
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  • I love the pp's idea! I have no idea the look you are going for, but I hanging a ton!

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