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Outdoor Weddings


We are having an outdoor bbq wedding in my sister's meadow.  We are renting water and wine glasses for the dinner tables, but then for cocktail hour, and the rest of the night we are planning on getting plastic (from smarty had a party).  

It's a small wedding (about 55 grownups, and 11 young children).  How many plastic cups should we get?  I know people will use more than one, but I don't know how many per person.  

Any thoughts?
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Re: cups?

  • Are you including yourself and the groom in this count?  What about any vendors?

    How long is your reception - per the hour, each guest may consume one drink. 

    For example, if you have a 4 hour reception, then each person may have 3 to 4 drinks.  66 x 4 = 264 cups.

    If you are getting a bartender, he/she will take care of the cups, ice, etc.

    I found this website to help with some of the calculations:


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  • We did the same thing, I think we ended up with 500 cups for 78 people...and we have TONS left.  I actually still have them all in the original package if you have any interest in buying some from me... there's a link in my for sale bio below!  They are short cocktail glasses, hard plastic, very durable.
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  • Thanks girls.  We aren't having bartenders, so I assume people will mostly hold onto their glass for awhile and just refill it.  But eventually people will get new ones, I just didn't know how to figure out how often this would happen.  I guess it's best to overbuy, just to be sure!
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  • Buy a sharpie and encourage them to use as few cups as possible
  • In Response to Re: cups?:
    Buy a sharpie and encourage them to use as few cups as possible
    Posted by Milagros121
    Nice!  I got a lot of extra cups, but you never know.  Good call, of all the ideas I've had, this didn't cross my mind.  I ordered my cups online so it's not like I can just easily pick more up either!
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