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i need help ladies

Hello i'm starting to plan my wedding which isnt till Oct 2013. I really would like to have in my backyard and thought i had enough room until i made a rough draft guest list and have 33 adults and 16 kids. How do i know if its too small. I dont want everyone cramp and uncomfortable. I live in the city so my yard is about 1200sq ft 900sq is grass. thx

Re: i need help ladies

  • How many people do you usually have over at one time? We hosted a lot of out of town relatives at our house in the days before our wedding -- serving dinner to 18. We'd had a cook out about a month earlier, and there were 17 people here including 6 kids -- our relative count only included two kids, so I knew 16 full-grown relatives would feel even more crowded than the 17-person cookout had. 

    You have plenty of time to host some friends over for a backyard cookout and figure out what will work -- where will there be seats or tables, how will people circulate to get food and drinks. Will there still be room for an area for the kids so they can be active (cornhole, or horseshoes, or lawn darts, or pin the tail on the donkey if you have a fence/wall)? Or will it need to be indoor-outdoor -- a movie or play room for the kids (or each, if they are of widely different ages), space to move in and out, different food and drink stations? Will you need to count catering staff? Will you have adequate bathroom facilities?

    I'll also mention that we had a cookout at our house the day after the wedding, and when I woke up that morning, it seemed like a really bad idea to have planned to do it ourselves. I was so giddy the day of the wedding that there's no way I could have responsibly fed people without ruining my joy (and hence most other people's too)! The only thing I would do differently about our wedding and associated events is that I would have catered that out-of-town-guest cookout so I didn't have to cook all day the day after the wedding. I was exhausted and just wanted to enjoy our guests. So if you aren't currently thinking about catering, you might want to -- even if they provide the food and utensils/plates/cups/drinks, and no staff. I so wish we'd had a local mediterrean restaurant bring yummy food by!
  • Also take into account a rain back up. Is your house large enough to host everyone inside should it rain? If not, can you get an apporiate size tent in your backyard. Not sure what size tent to get, call your local rental location, tell them what you are looking for & see what they recommend on size. Then go outside & check out the measurements in your backyard & see how that fits. I think you'll get a good idea then if everyone will fit.

  • I went out to where I'm having my wedding and physically placed a bunch of chairs. By actually mapping out where people will be should help you get a good idea
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