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Want to have a barn wedding in Ohio

Hi guys! My fiance and I live in central Ohio along with most of our family and friends. I would really love to have our wedding somewhere nearby so that no one has to travel too far, and definitley somewhere within Ohio. I absolutely love the idea of getting married in one of those big, old, wooden barns. We are both sort of country people and they are just so darn pretty lol. My fiances mom said she has always wanted one of those barns and was thinking of having one relocated to there house, which would be perfect for our wedding! However I don't really think that will end up happening. Does anyone know of any great barn venues in Ohio or central Ohio? We also thought about just finding one we really like and asking the owner if they would let us have our wedding there, but that would probably be a last resort. 

Re: Want to have a barn wedding in Ohio

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    If you post this on your local board (links to the left), you are likely to get more helpful responses. Good luck!
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  • Oh thanks! I didn't know that was there!
  • My fiance and I just booked the renovated Amelita Mirolo Barn in Upper Arlington (Columbus) for our August 2013 wedding. It has a 150-person max capacity. We liked it because it had some of the original wooden beams, but also has modern conveniences like air conditioning and electricity! :)
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