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pinup photography -- so excited!

I had my pinup photography consultation yesterday -- it went well and I'm really excited about the ideas we came up with.  I'm getting pinup photos done as a surprise gift for my fiance.  I was a little nervous about the whole idea, but I felt immediately comfortable with the photographer, and we came up with two ideas for poses.  In one set, I'm going to pose in retro-style lingerie with a guitar.  and in the other set -- I'll be "fixing" a retro robot!! (wearing a red and white polka dot halter dress, of course)

I'm trying my best to keep everything a secret from him, but it's hard!  I set up the appointment for 5 and was just going to tell him that I had to work late.  But when I was leaving work at 4, I actually passed him driving the other way -- and he totally saw me!! eek!   Lucky for me it worked out -- he was still at his parents' when I got home late, so he just assumed I really did come home early. :)

Anyway, I'm really excited and wanted to share.  The photography session is in May, so I have a little time to track down a reproduction tin robot.

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Re: pinup photography -- so excited!

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