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Roaring 20s help

So I'd like to do a roaring 20s themed wedding. I'm very mixed up though. I'd like to do a brooch bouquet but all my brooches are flower type brooches(reminds me of more retro 60s) I just need some direction...should I aim for a flapper-esk dress and headpiece? Lace gloves? What about decorations?

I was considering a Sophia Tolli dress named Ariel. I though it was flapper without being overdone...

Re: Roaring 20s help

  • That is a very pretty dress without being too literal, but you'd have to try it on to know for sure. I think a brooch bouquet would be perfect for it; maybe you could scour flea markets and estate sales to come up with some that fit your style better. There is such a focus on your hands that day, gloves would probably be more trouble than they are worth, but a feathered hairclip or jeweled comb could be a really nice touch.

    Do you have a venue? I'd look for a place with kind of opulent chandeliers. For decor, I see lots of candles, with feathers and pearl accents mixed in with your flowers. You could name tables after Gatsby characters, popular songs, or celebrities of that era.

    This centerpiece is fun, but would do a lower and smaller scale version. Maybe in hatboxes would be cute.

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  • Those are really neat centerpieces and I LOVE the idea to use hat boxes. Maybe I could do some in tall cut glass vases and others in hat boxes...hmm

    Venues we are in search of. There are two really cool places one is an old train station they've redone to be a banquet hall though when I picture a train station I picture the 50s or 60s when all the women are standing waiting for their husbands and boyfriends either leaving or coming home from war.The second is an old ballroom that was HUGE in the 1920s. They had some real popular swing bands play and was really hip. We drive past it every week and my dad mentioned his grandma loved it. It was THE place to be. It's been redone but is still classic on the inside, very opulent. The downside is the outside is kind of blah and there's not many places for beautiful couples shots. It's a great spot for the reception though!

    I love the idea of a 1920s styled dress, but nothing to literal/over the top(so no strings of beads hanging in layers all down my dress).
  • Is your FI okay with the theme? If so, he could also have subtle things like suspenders and a fedora to tie it all together.

    I did a 20's theme for my wedding and we had poker chips and decks of cards at the tables and had the whole venue set up to feel like a speakeasy. Most of the theme came into the paper products though (very art deco).
  • We are also doing a Roaring 20's theme wedding soon.  I am using ostich and peacok feathers for my bouquets and center pieces.  I also found some great flapper type dresses at a vintage store in Boulder.  Jos A Banks also rents a zoot suit tux that is really fun! 
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