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Indiana Jones / 1940's wedding.

Omg...I am newly engaged, we both are agreeing on the indiana jones/40's wedding theme *(yay that was easy)* but I am coming up short on ideas past atire. Anyone have suggestions?


Re: Indiana Jones / 1940's wedding.

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    That sounds really fun! The first thing that I thought of was lots and lots of potted palms and the scene from one of the movies where they are in a swanky club. You could have lots of fun 1940s jazz playing. You could also incorporate travel stuff with old trunks, maps, tickets, stamps, etc. Or maybe add some random artifacts that Indie would have dug up? Egyptian or Incan or something?

    Is there a particular Indiana Jones movie or scene you are using to theme, or just a general idea? 
  • I can't really contribute but that sounds so cool!

  • Umm...FUN! Like PP said, stamps, trunks etc. Your invites could be inspired by the maps with the plane journey marked by the red line. 

    Now is your style more of a Marion, Willie or Elsa ? :)
  • Im personally going pretty general 1940's, I found a super cute swing dress that my mother is going to replicate for me.
    we were looking at Maps the other day cause I love that idea! We are probably going to have an outdoor wedding on his parents land out in Louisianna which will be nice.
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