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NWR-Vibes needed

Hi Ladies! I need major vibes. Well actually fi does. for those of you that dont know fi is a baseball player. In sept 08 he had tommy john surgery (they take a ligament from another part of your body and reattach the ligament to hold the bones in your elbow together.) Its a very serious surgery and he was out of baseball for a year recovering. Well he pitched tonight and came out of the game with his elbow in pain.
Baseball is his life and his dream. I know one day he will have to be out of it, but not at 23. Hes going to see the Doc tomorow and I need vibes that its just fatigue and not in fact another serious injury.
My heart is breaking for him. I love him so much and want nothing more than his dreams to come true!
Sorry so long and TIA!

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