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So I just ordered my Invatations and recieved them i held off on ordering my response cards because we have not done a food tasting yet. At our signing of the contracts we picked a duo for dinner filet and sea bass which is probably what we will pick given it tastes great, and we need to pick the rest of the courses.........So I contact my venue and the lady who is in charge of weddings. I send her an e-mail requesting a time and date to do a tasting. She offered me 1 date and time AUG 26th at 4:45. My FI is a cop and has a set schedule and is not easily able to take time off but we are able to meet any day after 6:30 or on his days off which are a few a week but he happens to be working the day she said she can do the tasting. I think we should both be able to be there sepecially this is what he is MOST excited for!! lol SOOOOOOO i email her back reqesting a different time and she then tells me the venue will be closed the entire month of Aug because they are remodeling............WHICH NO ONE EVER TOLD ME!!!!!! i mean im sure (HOPE) it will be just as beautiful but they wont do another food tasting until October which is when i need to have everything done by.................. OMG what would you do??? im about to go bridezilla on this lady......shes not even helpful....ugh

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    I understand the whole cop situation. I am in the same boat and it is  very hard to plan around his schedule. I would explain that to the lady how your FI works and give her all the dates he is off and times you can do the tasting. Maybe she will be understanding of that. But do not let her tell you NO. there has to be a date in all of Aug and Sept. So you should not have to wait till October. Maybe you can borrow another kitchen or something to do the tasting?? Hope it all works out!
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    sorry that is a sucky situation ... I know my FI would be pissed too as that is what he is most looking forward to as well. I wish I knew what to say to offer some help, but I really don't know. Just don't back down, explain your situation and keep pushing her to give you guys a better optoin because if you end up doing it by yourself without him, both of you will be upset over it. GL and sending vibes that it will work out for you!
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    Wow! What about something sooner than august 26th?
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    thanks ladies....she did not offer anything before Aug 26th and i  gave her a list of dates and times that we are around. She emailed me back to call her so i did and no surprise NO ANSWER! I just dont understand.....its not like we are getting this stuff for free......we are paying alot of money im so annoyed!
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