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Florida-South Florida

Please Help.......

Im soooo confused i dont know if i want to have my wedding/reception at
The Ronald W Shane Center
The Coral Gables Museum or 
The Sunrise Grand Ballroom

All three are lovely places and the only difference between the three is the Sunrise location offers food and drinks for a great price and rate and the other two i would need to get a caterer...

Im just confused and need help badly, think its time to bother my planner LOL

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Lilypie - (jpbe)

Re: Please Help.......

  • Aww I haven't been to any of the venues, but if you really have no preference maybe go with the one with the caterer already selected - that way you have some additional work and stress off your shoulders.

    Or if you had a "this is it!" feeling with any of them - I say choose that one. :)
  • I thought i had the THIS IS THE ONE feeling a while back with The Shane Center but then i see the other two and now its like OMH which one which one
    Daisypath - (mxfj)

    Lilypie - (pzcX)

    Lilypie - (jpbe)
  • I would say go with the venue which offer food and drinks at a great price. Sometimes, it's not easy to find a caterer within your own price range and it can be frustrating. If you love how the Sunrise location looks like then I would say book it.
  • I agree with everyone above. Go with the venue that already provides the catering. It's one less thing for you to deal with.
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  • Thanks ladies for the help, im going to try and get The Mr to go to look at the Sunrise place Saturday and hopefully The Shane Center and the Coral Gables place after that but i gotta find a place ASAP (im tired of looking LOL)
    Daisypath - (mxfj)

    Lilypie - (pzcX)

    Lilypie - (jpbe)
  • i am sure you are tired... i would go with the place that has the food included.. 

    Daisypath - (PNE7)
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