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Hey Everyone,

I'm still trying to find someone to do my hair and make up in Miami, I have been trying to get in contact with Lutz Karpf but he never responds, so I am assuming he is not interested.  I was wondering if anyone as used Susana Betancourt and how she is, or if you can recommend someone else.  I am having a destination wedding, and I would rather have some recommendations to go on rather than book someone blind.


Re: Hair and Make up-Susana Betancourt

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    I'm using Yaneth Gray. She does both hair and make up.
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    Shannon (sford) is using Susana.
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    Lutz hasn't been responding to my emails either! So I'm also looking for hair and MUA!
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    Does she have a website?
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    I called Lutz last week and he seemed very flustered (sp?) He said he would call me back and never has. I did speak to him 3 times. First time he told me he did not have his appt book and would call me back on my date. 3 days and no call back so I called him again to ask him about my date and to do a trial. He said he only does trials in Miami-Dade county and I live in broward county which he says he will NOT drive to for a trial. So I asked a friend to borrow her house for a trial and when I called back the next day to book a trial he told me about 20 excuses why he cant do my wedding make-up.
    1. He doesnt have my date Nov something. I said no worng bride my date is 1/16/11.
    2. He then says sorry I am not sure about that date either but I dont have my appt book with me. I dont know if I can do that date.
    3. I will call you back I am very busy right now. He doesnt ask for my name or number to call me again.
    and many more excuses. He just seems so unreliable I thought no way I could be sure he will even be there for me on my wedding day.
    *** I know many girls have used him and say he is like that but on the day of your wedding he is there and it all works out. I need someine that I feel secure about from the begining.

    I had a trial with Karla Lola today and I loved it! I was with her for 2hours trying different looks. She does airbrush and conventional make-up. I think I am going to be going with her!!!
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    I am using Susana. My trial was amazing and it lasted the entire night when I attended an outdoor wedding and reception (a true test), I am also using her for hair and make-up for my engagement pictures later this month.

    I cannot recommend her enough HTH
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