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    Seems a little high. I haven't really done my research, but would think hair (on the high end) would run about $80 and make-up about $60, which is still only $140.  I'd be nervous about having to pay her for your wedding day the day of your trial run.  Hopefully the other girls who are a little further along than me can help you more, but $170 seems high.  I live in the WPB area as well, where/who are you using?
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    i think that is really high!
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    That is very high. However, that is not the troubling part. I had a trial run for hair and makeup for $150. The troubling part is that she's asking for a deposit for the wedding day on the trial run.

    If I were you, I wouldn't do it. You don't know yet if you are gonna like what she does or not. A professional MUA would not require you book the wedding on the trail run or have it as a pre-requisite.

    The furtherst one up North that I met with was Hannan.   ttp://www.hananhairmakeup.com/

    I don't know about the WPB area but I'm sure some of the ladies on here might be able to help.

    Did a search and this came up for WPB area
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    I say that is alot of a trail... and i agree no proffesional would ask you to commit the same day..what if you had other ppl you wanted to try and see if u liked...I wouldnt do it but i know when your coming from far away you might feel pressured to find someone and use her...hopefully the girls on here have some recs (sorry im way south of the WPB area)
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    i dont think its high. my makeup lady is charging me $75 for makeup and I paid $50 for my hair trial. west palm is an expensive/prestigious area so that could be one and two if shes really good she charges alot.. Gabriels Production in the Gables wanted to charge me $280 for makeup and hair trial - i was like what the heck!!?
    I think its sketchy that she wants 25% for the wedding day , cause your right, what if you dont like her work
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    Try KristinBrown.com.  She charged me $150 for my trial, but her prices for day of were extremely reasonable. She does alot of work with the Breakers
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