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Hi Ladies!
So my BFF / MOH came over tonight and we were dicussing ideas and she is making her MOH check list  ( she so awesome ) and my FI came home and we all were chatting and he has said twice about getting married April 2014, soooo...I think thats a nice month, and we have decided to plan a wedding for sometime in April... : )  so now I have a little bit of direction.

happy new year all! Laughing


  • I'm glad we're not the only one with an extended engagement! We're getting married in 2015 because that's what works out the best for us.
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  • I got engaged last Christmas 2011 and I have been so thankful for the long engagement. I love looking at details but actually putting them together can be frustrating. With a long engagement I am able to do something wedding related then wait a few weeks or a month or so to do something else. It has been VERY stress free. When I begin to get overwhelmed I just take a step back and a bit of time to myself before proceeding. :) good luck ladies!
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  • Congrats! So different from us, we did it all in 7 months! Good luck!
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