Chair Covers: what's the cheapest option? buying vs renting?

Anyone know of any little know secret places to rent chair covers for cheap in the NE Ohio area?  Has anyone bought them? How has that gone? It looks like a cheaper option, but what about set up/tear down, wrinkles, etc? THANKS!

Re: Chair Covers: what's the cheapest option? buying vs renting?

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    I looked into buying and renting both.

    As far as buying, there are places that you can get them off the internet for much cheaper and then resell them. I purchased a sample pack of 6 different kinds of covers from this one website and they looked really nice quality. Only problem was, we would have to iron each one individually and of course, set them up ourselves. I didn't think it was worth the hassle so I am renting mine.

    My secret place in northeast ohio is...

    Renee Szabo at Reasonable Party Rentals. 330-608-6795. 

    Awesome prices and really really great! I highly recommend her.

    If you want more information about the website I found to purchase them for really cheap, or are interested in the sample pack of covers that I have (I obviously don't need it), send me an e-mail to [email protected]
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    Thank you for the info!!
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