Budget Savvy Brides--Beware of Conrad Botzum Farm!

I wish I could keep up with the alliteration...

A 2011 wedding snapshot for the location: 
  • $900/first 4 hours set up to take down.  
  • $200/each additional hour
  • Weddings in Cleveland, Ohio average 4 hours which does not include the set up/take down.  It was recommended by the owner to buy additional hours for the caterer and pre-decorating.  Also informed if the Farm was able to book two venues that day, they will.  Meaning you would not be able to decorate early in the day, leave for the wedding prep/wedding and then come to enjoy the wedding and would perhaps have to schedule around another event.
  • Tables/chairs, etc must be rented separately and rented through Sully's 
  • 4 preferred caterer's, if you use another there is a surcharge
  • $300 security deposit to secure, not put towards the rental, and returned after the event. 
  • Early spring/fall weddings would need to rent heaters as they are not provided.
At the end of the day, you pay to rent the land, not so much the "barn".  It's an incredibly charming place, but *not* budget savvy. 

Re: Budget Savvy Brides--Beware of Conrad Botzum Farm!

  • jaylii9jaylii9
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    Glad that you were able to visit Botzum farm and get all of the nitty gritty details. Sometimes a venue seems great until you know all of the details! I have not inquired about proces, but if you are looking for another beautiful natural, farm type venue check out Hale Farm. They are run by the Western Reserve Historical society and are located close to Botzum Farm. Ask on the board too, the ladies here always have great venue recs. My venue is Manakiki and I love it! Sammys has been good to work with as well.
  • clcandow07clcandow07
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    I don't how far you are willing to go but we are booked at a beautiful barn type building in chesterland berkshire hills country club they don't charge a rental fee just for the price of food and bar, the lady that just took it over still has good prices and she is a chef that makes EVERYTHING from scrach....yummy

    and btw the pics on the site do not do the site justice

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    did you look at the lodges at cuyahoga valley national park? we were considering those before we decided on mill creek park in youngstown.
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