Newly engaged/ no idea what im doing/ reception locations in Akron/Canton/ Wooster area


Newly engaged and lots of pressure from all sides about what we are doing. I have done a little research on budgets however I dont even know where to set the number. We are paying for everything on our own (and I do mean everything). How do you know where to set your budget. We have some money in the bank but i would like to keep it there so we can have a nest egg. Any budgeting tips would be greatly appreciated!

Any reception location ideas in the akron/ canton/ wooster area? I dont want something typical. I realize its more expensive this way. We did look into a vineyard in the canton area that was upwards of 70 a person, which is too steep for us.

Any advice would be greatly grealy appreciated!

Re: Newly engaged/ no idea what im doing/ reception locations in Akron/Canton/ Wooster area

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    You could probably do a small, relatively simple wedding for under $10,000. Do you have a ballpark number of guests?

    I've heard the average wedding costs over $25,000... But I guess the "average" takes into account really rich people who spend way more than that.

    Are you set on a reception with dinner and dancing and the whole shebang? My Fi's brother had their "reception" at the fellowship hall of the church where he was married. They just ate some cake and hung out with people for a bit, and that was it. That would be waaaaay cheaper than renting a space, buying food/alcohol etc. But it wouldn't work for everyone!

    Try to figure out the maximum amount you could possibly spend without going into financial ruin. That will help you get a ballpark of what is in the reasonable range and what isn't. (Please don't go into financial ruin for a wedding!)
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    I agree with PP - find a grand total that you are comfortable spending and then divide it up amongst the various elements of the wedding based on what is important to you. What is important to one bride is not as important to the  next!  Martha Stewart Wedding budget is decent and helps you get vendor an idea based on average %  - so if your budget is $10K then it will suggest that you only spend $x on photography, $y on Catering, etc.

    All said - Check out Quailcrest Farm in Wooster - you bring in catering and alcohol and its a cool barn venue.  Its one of the more affordable unique venues in your search area.  PM me if you want to see additional photos.  

    Good luck  - ask away with more specifics if you need!
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    Oh. Thank you both so much. I had not even heard of that place in wooster but we will def check it out. We are looking at a guest list of 231 at this point.... however I am sure not everyone will come.... Right? Generally not everyone who gets an invite will show...
    We absolutely will not go into debt to do it. Its not worth it but both of our families are insisting on a nice reception. with the hole shabang (love that word by the way!).  I know of several locations in canton but I need more in the wooster area. I live in the canton area and he lives in he wooster area... there is not alot inbetwen us.

    Thanks so much girls!
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    With that big of a guest list, you'll probably be spending more than 10 grand!

    I suggest you do some more reading - try older posts for more venue suggestions, and articles on planning to help you get oriented!

    The Wooster Inn will host wedding receptions - not entirely sure about ceremonies.
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    If you are paying for it, it doesn't matter what your families want - you make all the decisions and they have to deal with it.  That is exactly why my DH and I paid for our entire wedding.  They could pressure all they wanted but could never say "I am paying so we are doing it this way".

    To give you some numbers:
    We had 65 people and paid $12,700 for our wedding.  My dress was $450, ring $52 (plain wedding band, does not include engagement ring), invitations and postage $500, flowers $800, venue $7800, bridal party gifts $1200 (I hated getting cheap gifts when I was in someone's wedding and refused to do that do our bridal party), cenerpieces $100, photographer $1600, cake $150 and another $150 on misc stuff.

    I would recommend setting a grand total of how much you want to spend.  You and your fiance should write out in order what is most important to least important to you both (and only you both).  That will show where you are willing to splurge, cut back and cut out completely.  Then do RESEARCH on how much things cost in your area before you set limits on specific items.  You can't say "I only want to spend $300 on my photographer" when the average photographer in your area charges $1000.  Do your homeowork before hand, check vendor's websites for prices and don't be afraid to ask questions.  Be honest with your vendors.  If your budget for a cake $1000 tell your baker upfront so they design a cake for you that isn't out of your budget that you fall in love with.
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    Congrats on your engagement! Sorry, I'm not very familiar with Wooster. As for pricing, to give you an idea, our wedding had 175 guests (230-ish invited) and the grand total (not including honeymoon) was around $13k. We paid for it all ourselves. The venue itself including food (in Strongsville, near Cleveland) cost us around $6,500, IIRC. We supplied beer and wine only. I think the per-person rate for that came out to $6 or $7/pp. Definitely make a list of what your and FI's priorities are, as far as the whole thing goes.

    For a guest list of 230 and tight budget, you might consider what DIY projects (centerpieces & other decor, invitations, programs, ipod 'DJ', whatever you can) you might be willing to do. Also, a venue that allows you to bring your own alcohol can save you $$, especially if you skip the liquor and only serve beer and wine. Of course, not serving alcohol at all would cut out a lot of $$. Consider purchasing your dress from a consignment shop or reputable online retailer, or having one made (this can be cheaper, especially if you're interested in designer detailing). Keep cake decoration simple -- the more detail and froufrou on the cake means the more $$ you pay (more work involved). Skip the limo, favors, other non-essentials. If it comes down to it, you can cut your guest list a bit, too.
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    Thanks girls! We def are already taking ur advice! I truthfully had no idea what things cost, so we have set up appointments and done some research to figure it out! Thanks again!!:)
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    Congratulations on your engagement!

    We finally have all of our vendors lined up for our wedding, and with an anticipated show of 200 people, we will be spending about $13,000.

    We have done a lot of research with vendors and put a lot of work into calling them. The harder you look, the better prices you will dig up. Don’t be afraid to bargain with them, ask them to beat prices, and be completely honest with them about your budget. I have called a few vendors that were well above my price range and found that they were willing to work out costs to accommodate our needs. I also found a lot of great tips from the knot discussion boards.  I have some of my costs listed below. Hope this was helpful!

    To give you an idea of some of my larger costs:

    German Family Society Reception Hall Kent, OH: Just under 7k for food and full open 6 hour bar (including tax and gratuity)

    DJ Audio Extremes Entertainment: Won at bidoncleveland.com auction for $500

    Photographer, Creative Expressions Photo: $1,000

    Limousine, Platinum Limousine: H2 stretch hummer for 26 passengers: $875 including tax and tip

    Chair Covers, Table Sashes, and Charger Plates, Reasonable Party Rentals: Just under $900

    Photobooth, 2 Hours: $350

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    We are using the German Family Society too for our ceremony and reception. I think they have very reasonable prices!
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    Hi! We just got married in Canton last Saturday. We were ALL about making our wedding look expensive but we have no money! Soooo.... our reception was at The McKinley Grand in Canton. It was AWESOME! It has chandeliers everywhere and looks like it would be so expensive but it was actually only $38 a person. We got 2010 prices, so I think they may have have gone up, but not by much. Also, it's in a hotel which is great for your guests because they don't have to worry about drinking too much :) My sister got married at Chateau Saint Michelle (not sure about the spelling) and that was nice too... and super super cheap. If you're looking for something dramatic McKinley Grand was awesome. Another place we looked that was reasonable  and different was the Canton Museum of Art. They do wedding receptions, but you have to find your own caterer. (which actually isn't that hard at all). La Pizzeria (Canton) was beautiful and reasonable as well.

    Good Luck!!!
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    Hi again... another budget idea. I made my own invitations (the easy way because we had about  200 guests) and went to Holocraft Paper company in Brunswick and got some nice thick paper, envelopes (big and response size) and printed ourselves. Fed Ex/Kinkos will crop for DIRT CHEAP! Actually, they only charge $.09 a page for printing if you want to go that route too.
    Also, we used fake orchids in water for the centerpieces and no one knew ;) I'll attach a pic. Our cake was from Fisher's on Fulton (with grooms cake the total was 375)
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    The easiest way to rein in budget is to cut people from the guest list! Wink  

    Seriously though, don't be afraid to check out craigslist or etsy for reception or wedding items.  You'd be amazed what you can find at a really inexpensive price. 

    Sometimes you can plan a lunch reception or heavy hors d'oeuvres and save money, too.  

    If your venue will allow you to bring in your own alcohol, get a red and a white wine by the case (and get the 10% case discount), and skip the liquor and beer.

    Also know that favors like candles, frames, etc. for guests many times end up in the trash.

    You can save money on your cake by getting a smaller scale display cake and having your baker make up some undecorated kitchen cakes.
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