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Patterson Fruit Farm

Hey guys I've seen a lot of people mentioning this place, but does anyone have any details and pricing etc? There's not much info on the site and I'm trying to decide if it should be on my venue contact list for Monday. I don't want to have to call someone and waste time that is out of budget.

Re: Patterson Fruit Farm

  • I JUST went to a wedding here this past Friday and it was BEAUTIFUL. I know the family did not spend a ton on the wedding and a lot of it was DIY, they also did not have alcohol (Pastor's daughters wedding). The food was buffet style and very tasty and you cannot beat the view from the center where it was held. It looked like it could hold 130-150 depending on how close you want to sit to your table-mates. In any event, I'd give them a call. It was a very nice place!
  • I've heard nothing but great things about that venue but one thing to keep in mind is with the location if you have people coming in from out of town, there aren't any hotels very near by.
  • Thanks for the opinions guys. It is a little out of my range...but adunno. And people aren't coming from far out of town, just about an hr, but it may be good to have a hotel nearby, so thanks for that Erikan
  • In Response to Patterson Fruit Farm:
    I visited Patterson two weeks ago and fell in love.. rental fee is $1400 for the reception and then you bring in your own food and caterer.  Really not a bad deal as you will save a LOT of money by using your own vendors! The coordinator, Betty, was really helpful and she has a ton of connections so her suggestions for vendors are helpful.  If you have any other questions about Patterson let me know!
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