NEED help finding a reception venue!

I just got engaged! We are planning on having a large wedding and I would like to find a reception venue that could accomadate up to 400 people... I was hoping to find something with a barn/rustic feel but so far I haven't been able to find anything that accomadates that many people. I'm open to other types of venues, I just need a venue that allows an outside caterer... any ideas!?

Re: NEED help finding a reception venue!

  • Try checking into the Cleveland German club in North Olmstead. I belive the venue would be large enough and since it's a club, they might allow an outside caterer. Here is a link to their page where you can find contact information.  I know they have enough parking to accomodate and there is plenty of outdoor space for people to hang out during the reception. If I remember correctly, they have a large deck area that overlooks a pond.


  • Donauschwaben (sp?), the German place in Olmsted Falls only holds up to 250 people, so it may not suit your group. With a 400 person guest list, I think you may be somewhat limited. Some venues I can think of that can hold that many guests: St. Demetrios in Rocky River (it's BYOB but you have to use their caterer, IIRC), possibly Springvale Ballroom in N. Olmsted (their minimum is 200), St. Clarence in N. Olmsted (BYOB), Columbia Ballroom in Columbia Station, Diamond Event Center in Brunswick, St. MIchael's Woodside in Broadview Hts, Irish American Heritage Center in Avon.

    I'm pretty sure that all of the above require you to use their caterer. I can't think of any larger venues (for 400-ish guests) that allow you to supply your own. You may want to chat with them though and perhaps for an additional fee, they'd waive that requirement? Some of the smaller venues do that.

    Good luck!
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