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I just thought of this idea of a rooftop wedding reception. Does anybody know if any of the hotels in Chicago do that?ThanksKathy

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    I only know of ones that would probably hold the cocktails outside with the reception my head there's the grand piazza, bottom lounge, the only hotel i can think of with a rooftop is the Wit...sorry i'm not much help
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    Most rooftops I would think would be too small for a big weddinsg, but maybe for a smaller short ceremony?A great place with a wonderful view of the lake is The University Club. I went to a wedding there last week and it was gorgeous! I just recommend doing the ceremony when it's getting darker, because there can be a glare from the windows.
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    I've heard the Italian American Museum has a great rooftop. I also thought that the Chicago Illuminating Company did, but I just checked their website and don't see anything so maybe I made that up:)
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    Zed 451
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    I'm having a rooftop ceremony at ZED 451! So excited about it! The Redeye just ran an article about rooftop spots and the hotels they mentioned were The Wit, Dana Hotel, and Affinia (Streeterville). I am having a smaller wedding and ZED was the perfect size. Plus the look and feel of the restaurant is amazing!
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    The Conrad Hotel (connected to the Nordstrom Mall on Michigan avenue) has an awesome rooftop lounge.  The Italian History Museum has an awesome roof top. Illuminating does not have a rooftop.
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