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Engagement photo help

Two things - 

Who did you use for your engagement photos and would you recommend him/her? How long does it take? 

Second - I burned myself being an idiot last night (stuck my arm into oven while baking). It's a pretty nasty looking burn on my arm and I'd really like to wear a dress which shows my arms for the photos. Could they possibly photoshop it out? I could hide that arm, but it's my left arm with my ring on it and I'd kind of like it in the photo. 

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Re: Engagement photo help

  • TEA&CoTEA&Co member
    edited December 2011
    Hi!  We haven't done our e-pics yet, but we have them scheduled for next month.  We're taking them with our wedding photographer, the amazing and talented Tasha Schalk of Redwall Photography, whom I highly recommend.  I think our shoot is 2 hours?  Not completely positive, but I think it's around 2.

    As for the burn, first of all, ouch!  Glad you're okay.  When are you planning to take your e-pics?  If it's not for awhile, I'd think the burn would fade at least somewhat.  Otherwise, maybe try Mederma?  Or ask your photographer?
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  • edited December 2011
    We just had our engagement shoot on Saturday and it was amazing!  We worked with Chuck Liu and he is so talented.  He didn't put a time limit on the shoot, rather we just went until he felt like he had enough.  We started at 3, did 2 sites, grabbed a bite to eat at a nearby festival, then finished up around 8-8:30.  He's a total professional and so creative. I'm an art teacher, so I really was picky when it came to choosing a photographer.  Here's our shoot: http://www.chuckliuphotography.com/blog/karissa-and-trevor-chicago-engagement/

    Also, a skilled digital photographer/artist could probably eliminate your burn in Photoshop.  It probably depends on how large it is and the lighting etc, but I teach Photoshop and I'm sure it would be possible.  Best of luck!
  • edited December 2011
    Thanks ladies! I will look into both of your suggestions. I wish we could use the same photographer for our wedding as well, but we're getting married in Europe (where I'm from). I'm a little nervous about using a photographer I've never met for the wedding itself.

    We are planning on taking our pictures in about a month. My guess is that the burn will be very noticable for 2+ years. The burn is about the size stick of gum laying flat. Oops! I think it will need some photoshop help. 

    Artdeduc8 - is it easy to do in photoshop? If I wanted to do it myself to photos taken not by a professional, could I? Is it that "blend" tool that works on pimples?
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  • edited December 2011
    You might be able to do it yourself.  I'd probably use the clone stamp tool on a new layer with the option set to "Sample from all layers" or potentially would use the spot heal tool.  Here's a simple tutorial on it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-nJly_W8uc Good Luck!
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    You should check out my photographer she was amazing!
    If you haven't booked for your wedding, maybe you should look into hiring a photographer from here to go there and shoot your wedding? I bet if you asked a lot of photographers would jump at the chance to shoot in Europe and would cut you a great deal...
  • jonkim902jonkim902 member
    edited December 2011

    We used Misha Media for our e-session and they will be doing our wedding as well.  They are awesome to work with and we love their style.     Our e-session was at O'Hare.     They can take care of your arm or give you awesome shots where your arm wouldn't be a focal point.

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