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Getting close...

Very productive weekend I got my invites for our ahr all labeled and stamped just have to print in a couple late address finds and get them in the mail. Also, I played with some flowers and think I am going to go ahead as use them for my bouquet and my moh's also! Very excited. Less than two months. I feel like all of the hard stuff is done. Yay! Whoe else it getting close?

Re: Getting close...

  • WinstonsGirlWinstonsGirl The Cold North member
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    Nice work!!  We're just under 2 months out too.  I'm trying to figure out what little things still need to be done too.  And we still have to do our music, but I'm leaving that up to FI!!    
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  • Haha I wish. My FI would not do the music :-) he did hep with invites though. We are choosing our own vows.. Seperately, I don't want him to have to write something but do want it to be what he wants to say to me and I'm pretty sure it's going to be hey I love you. But, that would be very him so I'm okay with it. I still have to do that as well... What other last two Month details are you working on? I keep feeling like I'm forgetting something. But, I'm pretty sure I'm not.
  • Were around 3.5 months away.  We have our DJ, just need our ceremony music, and they seem to be booking up everywhere, bit worried.  All we need is a good guitarist.  My FI is also doing the boring work like renting our jeep, confirming our cupcake order, while I get to work on party favors hehe.
  • We are just about 2 months out also and I keep trying to figure out what we have left on the list to get done...we were going to do music but just hired a DJ so that takes a bit of weight off of us. I keep feeling like I am forgetting important things that need to get done but not sure what they are....lol.

    1st dress fitting is this weekend!!
  • Jess, initially know the feeling!! I keep rechecking and rechecking haha what kind of ceremony music are you thinking? I love the vitamin string courtet!!!
  • WinstonsGirlWinstonsGirl The Cold North member
    Tenth Anniversary 2500 Comments 500 Love Its 5 Answers
    We've got to order our fans and coral name/food holder thingies, for what meal people are getting.  And do music.  I'm also hoping to confirm final totals with all of our vendors and get to the bank to change over money to American so we can pay those who don't take credit cards.  I want it all organized in separate envelopes before we go.  
    And I need to figure out if we're going to try and reserve some space at the hotel restaurant for karaoke after the ceremony.  I don't want people to have to leave at 9:00, but I know many will probably be tired, according to lots of other people here.  I'd like to option for those who want to stay out, but also don't want to reserve a bunch of space that no one ends up going to.   
    I'm sure there's more, but I think all of our big stuff is covered.  At least if I forget any little things now, we'll still get married.  :)
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  • I agree with the payments. I am thinking of doing cashiers checks for vendors so it's out of the account, but if I lose them I'm sol.
  • We're just over 2 months out and we are currently working on finalizing the flowers and music for the ceremony, and need to finalize decoration with the restaurant for the reception. The biggest thing we still have to do it book the transporation.  We're having a pretty small wedding so there isn't much for me to do, which I am thankful for.

    What we really have to start planning is the AHR which is less than a month after the wedding.
  • Yeah, we will be writing up a money order because if we used a credit card, sure we get the points, but they add a 4% fee.  A wedding of 72 people, 4% is a ton of money.  Converting currencies will be another issue.  CAN dollar is "almost" par...hope it makes a run:)
  • Ya that's a great idea! Ceremony music.. I decided I pass on doin that because the ocean will be enough. But, I kinda wish I could have the song I had intended to have. But, I'm sure day of I won't even notice
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