Am I, like, super dumb? (How to use TheKnot) - Holla to lorena224 & jessj336

Hopefully I made you laugh (or sigh) with the title.  I'm actually not super dumb, according to me, but I struggle with using TheKnot, and I realize it could  be due to a crappy interface.

Specifically, how come when I go you another person's planner, that I can't see their vendors?  Is it possible that none of you have input your vendors?  Which is fine, I haven't, but some of you have posted hundreds, even thousands, of posts, but no vendor info in your planners?

I was hoping to be able to see who people are using without having to write people individually and then post a message saying you have a pm - community board clutter!  Specifically, I'm curious to know which photographers the brides (lorena224, jessj336) who are getting married the same week I am are using.  If by chance you're flying someone in from the mainland, I was thinking that I could sweeten their deal and possibly hire them too. 

I'm starting to get quotes back from Maui-based photogs, and they're HIGH.  And I read a bunch of posts about getting more hours for the same cost from amazing mainland photographers, so I'm exploring.....

Anyway, back to the real question - am I not using this site correctly?  Also, I realize that FI is fiance, but does it stand for anything other than fiance?  In all the other acronyms, each letter represents a word.  Just curious.


Re: Am I, like, super dumb? (How to use TheKnot) - Holla to lorena224 & jessj336

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