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I'm planning on a September 2011 wedding on the island of Kauai. Can anyone recommend a makeup artist? I'm a huge fan of Bobbi Brown cosmetics and her very natural looking 'you but better' philosophy, but checked with the Bobbi Brown team via Twitter and discovered that there aren't any Kauai-based makeup artists. Has anyone tried out any makeup artists yet? I'd like to look like myself for my wedding day: no garish makeup, no heavy color, just a healthy, glowing look that will appear natural (not chalky or pink- my skin tone is yellow) in photographs. I checked the vendor list here on The Knot, as well as Yelp.com and did a couple of Google searches but have not yet found anything that seems to fit my criteria. Any suggestions are happily appreciated- thanks for your help!

Re: Kauai wedding recommendations- makeup artists

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    Is there a local mall or shop where you can have your makeup done?  Or, would you consider flying in the right people from a different island?  Not sure how your budget looks, but maybe you can also check the makeup artists with the local resorts?  Sorry I don't know much about Kauai...
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    I used a hair/make-up artist combo, Kristy with Lab Salon.  She used airbrush foundation and listened to all my other requests and make a few small tweaks (that I'm sure no one else would even notice the difference) to make me happy.   I was shocked at how even my skin tone was with the airbrush foundation.    http://www.kauaistylist.com/Weddings.html
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