Don't use Ann Taylor for your bridesmaid's dresses

Ok, so I don't usually post negative comments but here's the situation. I have been in contact with AnnTaylor for over 2 months regarding the bridesmaid's dresses I picked. Long story short, after 2 months of being assured they would be available I have today been told that "we are a boutique store and never wanted so many customers". They have no dresses available and have no interest in helping me get them. I am now 3 months from my wedding date and I am having to pick new dresses. Ladies, I have been a fan of AnnTaylor for over 15 years but this is unacceptable. My advice: if you are planning a wedding or special occasion, don't include AnnTaylor in your plans.

Re: Don't use Ann Taylor for your bridesmaid's dresses

  • WGachesWGaches
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    If you only have 3 months, then you need to find something in a department store, or go to David's. My girls ordered their dresses from David's, and they tell you it will take a couple of months, but all of them got their dresses in about 10 days. 10 days. So, you're fine. And I'm so sorry you're going through that...
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