Is it too hot for an outdoor wedding in August?

I'm in Mobile and we were planning an outdoor (backyard) wedding/reception, but a friend told me it would be too hot and/or humid for that.

The actual date is August 13 (Friday the 13th!) and we were planning on having the ceremony at 7pm with the reception immediately following. The sun will have went down by then so it won't really be scorching hot. We have several shade trees in the area we're doing it, so there will also be a good breeze blowing.

We would have several tiki torches with the citronella oil in them to repel bugs, as well as citronella candles placed strategically throughout the area. Food would be kept in an air-conditioned room inside the house so no bugs would get to it, nor would there be a risk of it spoiling.

I'd love for some honest opinions on this. We haven't sent out invites yet, so if I need to cchange it, I can.

Re: Is it too hot for an outdoor wedding in August?

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    sounds like fun to me! but it is going to be hot and humid you can bet on that. I don't think you HAVE TO change your date, but weather is something that can have a big effect on your day. Just think about what you want your wedding day to be like..... will you mind sweating profusely? Wink  and it can still be hot and humid through October!!
    I would suggest that you rent a couple of those big metal fans for outdoor air conditioning and consider renting a tent as well (one without sides)

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    I agree...I def. think you should have a tent and fans!! My FI and I were down twice last August (both early and late in the month) for funerals...and even with a tent everyone was sweating up a storm!!
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    While the sun will be down, it gets up to the upper 90s in AL in August and really only cools down to mid 80s at night.  I think it would be too hot, but that's just me because I hate to sweat.
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    Thanks for the replies.  I actually booked an indoor venue for the wedding and reception last week. :)
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    I live near Mobile and I will tell you first thing... It is HOT in august. Sometimes it can even be in the high 80's at night. I agree with one of the previous replys, A tent and fans would be a good idea to rent. Since you are in the Port City, there are a ton of rental places that are based in Mobile. If you don't find any one there that you would like to do buisness with, try across the bay in Spanish Fort or Fairhope. There are a ton of rental places and all of your wedding needs over there. 
    Oh and about the tikis, take into consideration about people who can't be around tikis due to breathing problems. i recomend Yard Guard. I use it for all the backyard parties instead of tikis. You can spray it around the perimiter of your ceremony and reception and it will prevent the bugs to "bug" your guests. I hope all of this helps! Congrats on your engagment and I hope that it isn't too hot on your wedding day!Laughing
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