Wedding Consultant-- Nicole LaFroscia( Enchanted Weddings and Events) Mobile,AL

Hey ladies,

I am trying to find out some reviews or ratings on a consultant found in Mobile AL " Enchanted Weddings and Events" via Nicole LaFroscia.  She seems very honest and super nice.  But I was just wondering if any one has used her services or know of someone that has.  I am mainly looking in Day of Coordination.  Thanks and all advice welcome.

Re: Wedding Consultant-- Nicole LaFroscia( Enchanted Weddings and Events) Mobile,AL

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    Try looking on and see if anyone has posted reviews on her. Good Luck!! 
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    Did you end up using Nicole or did you find another event planner?

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    So I'm gonna tell this whole story as short as I can. I wasn't going to review this vendor because I felt bad for her, but after months go by, it just makes me mad. And after studying some of my law books, I see how wrong this girl was. I contacted her to do my wedding in June or July of last year. I wanted her for DAY OF SPECIFICALLY and to help me pick out gifts for the bridal party. Since she knew some people I knew, and knew of me from high school, she said she would be readily available to me for the same price as "day of". She insisted. Now here are the facts. I had the whole wedding planned because it was only a few months before my wedding, so I only had a few basic questions for her like what is and isn't appropriate to by as gifts and such. Also, I had no earthly idea at that time she had only done 1 wedding before mine, or I wouldn't have wasted my time. I was fooled at the time, not realizing that 99% of the pictures on her website are not weddings she has done, they are stock photos from the net, or were stolen from other places. I know this because I looked them up and found all of the true owners of the photos. Anyways, she had some questions about the wedding, and in the mist of answering them and explaining things to her, which was quite aggravating because I didn't need help planning it (had it all done wayyy before her, or at least already picked out and ready to hit order or sign on the dotted line), we googled. I sent her pics because explaining it to her VIA text or email didn't work. So, we googled (for her sake!! Then of which she would make suggestions that I would be nice about but DIDN'T WANT!!). I wanted chair covers and she was going to take the responsibility of contacting that lady and getting a contract. I didn't mind letting her do this, for i thought it would get her out of my hair for a while. She contacted the lady and after way too much back and forth, I felt like the lady got aggravated with her. She wasn't explaining it to the lady correctly, and in the confusion of that, the date for the first payment to reserve them came and went. She called me Friday night freaking out, so I told her sternly that I would call them. I almost started crying. I called the lady MYSELF, apologized and worked out a new contract, signed, and faxed back. That fast. Also, I had to correct like 4 things that were wrong when "This vendor" got the first contract. The wonderful lady on the phone said that this vendor was very very confusing. From that moment forth, I made sure I communicated with her, exclusively. And we never had a problem at all. Also, every time she would call someone (which I asked her not to do because she was only confusing people) I would have to call behind her to make sure she didn't change something (which it was common that she confused people. Asking for paperwork we already had and such or trying to discuss things we had already planned and agreed to with the vendors, so I often got calls, I thought we had already sorted that out???). I started getting upset because she was sticking her nose where it didn't belong. I only needed her for "day of". And I understood why she said she needed all of my vendors names (they all needed each others names...for paper work), which is the only reason she knew who to contact, but I didn't like her calling them. These vendors had relationships with me not her. Also, she tried to contact the band, which are our personal friends and I explicitly told her not to. At this point, my husband got upset. I saw the down payment I gave her as a deposit on DAY OF, not to go behind me and mess up everything, like she was doing. She asked so many questions of which she got the answer, "already done"!!! I had to end up telling my vendors to basically appease her when she calls, then to call me immediately after and clear confusion up with me. So from this point on, I had to convince my husband it would all be worth it "day of". Well, she started texting me at this point trying to be my buddy. I was trying to be as nice as I could, considering that we had mutual friends. She texted me when she was drunk, sad, board. It was weird. She came to my shower, but I let it go because she baked a cake. Then, oddest of all, somehow she thought it was appropriate to plan to come into town days before the wedding to join in with the bachelorette party and bridesmaid luncheon!!!! I was blown away. I didn't want her there. Knowing she would expect me to get her hotel for all of those days, I told her she could just stay here with the rest of the wedding party. We paid for her hotel for Friday night in downtown Charleston (250). Oh, and btw, I texted her a month before and asked her to stop trying to be too friendly/buddies, and asked if we could please treat this as business until after the wedding, and that I was uncomfortable. Which it slowed, then started right back up with a drunk text!!!! Well, then a family emergency occurred and I preferred to spend my money helping out my family, and not her. Also, my husband told me that it wasn't worth me being this upset and dreading her being here for wedding week (I was verrryyy upset about that, we couldn't fit that many people here. Plus it wasn't appropriate!!!). So I called her to tell her not to worry about coming and she basically wouldn't accept what I was saying. She said that we could pay her the last installment of $250 a month later (end of Nov)..... I was like, craaapppp....fine! So, we paid for her room, and expected her in town when everyone else came. Well, we came into a little extra money that week from my family, so I had the money ready for when she arrived. She didn't show when the rest of my friends showed. Then Wed she said she would be late....then Thursday she was throwing hints that she would have to borrow money to get there. My bridesmaids weren't really letting me text her back because they have known the whole time how stressed she made me, and how inappropriate she was with mixing business with friendship. Well, Thursday afternoon at my bridesmaid luncheon... she texted and said she couldn't make it because she had no money!!!!!! I said what happen to that $500 I gave you?? was for travel!! She said she had spent it on bills. Then my mind flashed back to her gambling in Biloxi the weekend after I put the 500 money in her account..... I was so mad. AALLLL of that and you're NOT coming!???!! I have spent months telling my husband, "it will all be worth it for 'day of'". I felt like a fool. If she would have let me cancel her when I wanted to, a month before, I could have prepared for this!!!! But a day and a half before the wedding!?!?!? OMG!!!! Then, she had the gall to email me with the details for "day of" what workers were going to be there and stuff about the chapel...I had told her most of that stuff!!! And I was in 100% contact with the vendors, I was their first call always, not her. It really made me mad that she didn't think I knew all of that then wouldn't show up. My bridesmaids took the reigns and did better "day of" than she would have, considering she wouldn't listen to me, ever, and considering her mind is always on alcohol (I told her no mimosas, she was going to have them in my bridal suite...).And Carolina Services came early and helped us. They were appalled that she didn't show. The florists also helped, both did that for free because they thought she did us so wrong. Also, she planned to wear a silver GOWN to my wedding and sit with the guests. No lie... I still have the picture of the dress she emailed me. It was a light silver GOWN!!!! Also, she didn't want to miss my nuptials to go to the rehearsal space and make sure all of the candles were lit and stuff was ready there......Um, WHAT!?!?!? My advice to this NOT mix Business and trying to make a friend. That was NOT what I hired you for. Brides want you in the background, not in pictures at their wedding wearing a light silver gown as one of the guests. And it's weird for you to go to their showers, luncheons, bachlorette parties and participate as a guest at the wedding.... WEIRD!!! I'm glad you didn't show, but you didn't deserve that $500 dollars by any means. And a 2 week warning would have been great. Or the month before when I was telling you not to come but you insisted. The only thing you were hired for you didn't do!!!! Oh, and I gave her a 4 on responsiveness because I couldn't go a day without this girl texting me... my phone would chime and hubby would go...."ooooohhhhhhh nooooooooooo, what now Nikki?!?!?!?!?!?!?" I'm sure not until now does she know she was such a kink in everyone's day, but if someone hires you for B....and you also offer A, but they don't want it....don't ONLY GIVE THEM AN UNWANTED A....and no B!!!!!!!! I
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