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I just got engaged April 10 and I'm trying to set a date.  I want to have it next April 2011 but my fiance's mother wants us to do it sooner.  I'm so torn but I would feel so much more comfortable having it next April.  Has anyone else gone through this?  Any tips to get them to sway towards my thoughts??


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    shes not the one getting married, you are. do what you adn your FH want to do. explain to her that this is how you feel and that you ar more comfortable with whatever date you pick. why does she want to do this in a hurry?
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    You should get married whenever you want. However, I was engaged June 5 last year and am getting married June 26 this year. I was pretty much finished with planning by Christmas and wished I had set a sooner date. But it truly is a decision that should only be between you and your fiance.
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    Thanks everyone!!!  She was at our house this past weekend and we have always gotten along.  But we were looking at wedding cakes and she picked out this really pretty blue one that I loved, for a bridal cake.  She was picking it out for FH!!!  It had initials that you see on bridal cakes and she wanted that on it.  I told FH that his cake should display his personality, not be a complete replica of my cake.  It's ridiculous.  She was still pushing the October date but guess what???  The venue is all booked up for October so I guess April it is!!!  :)
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    Wow! Well I got engaged April 25th. My fiance wanted to get married in April of next year... we decided on that date and then NO ONE including myself was happy lol.
     We just decided about 5 minutes ago that we would change the date to Febuary that way  it was still a little later but it wasn't giving any one in our family what they wanted but it made both of us happy at the same time. All in all its your wedding, you can't make everyone happy.
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