Florist? Minister? PLEASE HELP!

Hi Everyone! I'm getting married in October and so far we still don't have a florist or someone to marry us. I've contacted a few different florist but they were way too expensive...and the one officiant/reverand/minister that I contacted quoted me $500 to marry us. I'm not sure if that's the average fee or not, but we just can't afford that. So if anyone knows of a good florist and/or minister/reverand, please let me know. I would REALLY appreciate any help you have to offer. Thanks!

Re: Florist? Minister? PLEASE HELP!

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    Do you  have a friend or family member who is a good speaker?  If so, they can be ordained online (free)  to do the wedding.

    What kind of flowers do you want?  You can save big bucks by ordering flowers wholesale from Sam's.  You would need 2 or 3 people to help you though.

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