If you are shopping @ David's Bridal-Anchorage...

Well i got my wedding dress from David's Bridal and I have ever since regretted getting my dress there. I wasn't sure what kind of a dress I wanted so I tried several on and liked many of them which made the consultant impatient with me and she became pushy and rude. She questioned the reason why I felt that I needed to try on so many dresses telling me they were all the same anyway which they weren't and when I finally "settled" for the last dress I tried on I told her that I would like to order the dress in white to match my wedding colors black, white and red she picked up the tag on the dress I tried on and said oh you don't need too this dress is soft white ( its kinda a yellowish white).  After all her pushing I  gave in and decided to go ahead and get the dress just to get out of her hair.  I was somewhat convinced the dress was good enough but after thinking about how I was treated I just feel ripped off and upset that she didn't give me time to decide on the right dress she pushed and pushed until i bought a dress from her. And now I will look and feel out of place at my wedding because all sales are final. If anyone is thinking of going here to get their dress stand your ground don't let them choose your dress and colors for you make sure they listen to what you want and if they start pushing and trying to cut corners to make their jobs more easier go somewhere else where there are people that will treat you with the respect that you deserve!

Re: If you are shopping @ David's Bridal-Anchorage...

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    Wow, I am so sorry you had such a crappy time.  That really stinks :(

    FWIW, I know a lot of women make a mistake on their gown and end up selling them online - ebay, oncewed, or craigslist all come to mind.  And if you shop online for your new gown at the same time, you might be able to get something you *really* love without busting your budget. 

    But again- sorry your experience was so bad.  My sister got her gown from a DB in Cincinnati, OH and had a good time there.  With a chain store, it just depends on the individuals working there (and the local management, of course).  If you end up looking elsewhere, I've heard that Donna's Corner in the valley is really good.

    Here's hoping it works out for you! 
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    I got my dress there.... I really lucked out I love my dress and had a great experience.
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    Sorry your experience was so bad. I got my dress there and found it to be great. I tried on about 20 different dresses PLUS has to keep chasing after my 3 y/o and the girl I worked with was great. She didn't mind me takin a few min in between dresses to take pictures so I can look back over them to help me choose. I ended up buying my dress that day. The only thing I don't like about them is the fact that they keep calling to get the bridesmaids and flower girl fitted even tho I told them the girls are all choosing their own dress and where they get it is up to them (as long as its pink).
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    I looked there first for a dress and felt pressured as well. All the dresses I liked the lady brought out in the WAAAY wrong sizes which I felt was deliberate because she wanted me to buy a more expensive selection that she liked. 

    Long story short I took my business elsewhere and got an amazing dress. 
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    I feel the same way. I went in there to look around and MAYBE try on a dress or two, first thing I got was "what price area were you looking and yatta yataa about tailoring" I told her I wasn't sure what I wanted and I may even end up wearing my mother's dress (which I can't actually but she didn't need to know that). Then I got pushed around for a bit to get my measurements and shoved into dresses 2 sizes too small by a girl who had no manners what so ever. Luckily I had a friend with me that could tell I was about to tell the little twig what I thought of her and got me out of there.
    I probably will not be going back as I lucked out that my Fiance's mother is friends with a seamstress who knew my plights and offered to help make me a dress of my own. Trust me when all you want is a simple A-line dress with no frills that is a life saver
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    Ugh, when we were dress shopping, we literally walked in and out of David's.  It looked very dirty, and they were crazy crowded.  Too many people in one store. 
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    I had a similar experience at david's in anchorage but luckily didnt end up buying anything there. I flew to spokane to find a dress with my mom and sister and ended up at the David's there. What a difference! They were so helpful and the experience was so much fun! Thank you to my spokane girls! Sorry to say anchorage was a disappointment!
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    Ive been going there atleast once a month for the last 8ish months. Ive never had any "bad" experiences with any of the girls there except 1. I believe she's new. I literally tried on every dress in that store that would fit my tubby a**. The one thing i dont like about there is that each time i go in.. i have a new consultant who doesnt know what i like and dont like. Plus having 6 bridesmaids and a flower girl. PLUS one of the grooms men is a girl.. I have alot of people going in with me. It just got confusing for the consultants.
    However, ,back on track here. The one girl i had a hard time with was this little tiny thing that had no sence of humor and just turned her nose up at everything. Seemed that i wasnt worth her time because im a bigger girl and i seemed to have offended her with my size.. lil b***h. I was in tryin to get all of my under garmets and she kept making backhanded remarks about my size. MY MOH was with me at the time and had to get me out of there before i stomped that lil B to the ground. I complained about her to the management.. Dont know if anything happened with her or not. Was just very unacceptable to me. If you work in a professional environment with women of different sizes.. you need to be more open and have a personality.
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    I didn't like the service at DB either.  The bridal consultant seemd unhappy or frusterated that I was trying on several gowns.  I ended up finding my dress in Big Lake at Donna's Corner.   I highly recommend Arctic Rose - wide selection.  Donna's Corner is smaller but I did find "THE ONE!" there!  :-)
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    I went shopping this weekend at David's Bridal and had a consultant named Chloe. She was super nice and found dresses that would be good with my body style. I'm not a small girl and she made sure to get me the appropriate undergarments and just made me feel really comfortable. In the end I found a dress that made my mom, my friends, and I all cry so we knew it was the one. She wasn't pushy or trying to rush me at all to make a decision.
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    Chloe was my consultant at DB, too. Loved her! She really made the experience fun.
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    I have to say, I enjoyed DB.
    I went to DB on a Thursday morning, ith no appointment.
    My consultant was amazing ! She actually had two other brides she was working with and I never once felt like I was rushed etc...
    Just the oppisite , I felt like the only bride in the store.
    my dress  was the first I tried on , the first one my consultant picked out for me !
    Since than, sure I questioned my choice, but thats me , I think thats ALL brides !
    We do that as the big day gets closer.
    As a bride you need to be strong and have an idea what your looking for.
    If not, you can get sucked in to the craziness of all the wedding hoopla !
    I have returned to DB a few times for various reasons ( headpiece, bridesmaids etc )
    There are times I have been in there and it looks a mess , way to busy and I am so glad I was not a bride trying on dresses at that time.
    ISorry you had a bad experience, remember you can always do an even exchange ( before alterations ) ith all the dresses to choose from there, I am sure you can find a white one you LOVE.
    Don't get pushed around ! Your the bride and It's all about you !!!!!
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    I have had a few different appointments with Davids Bridal in Anchorage. The first time I had a consultant, who - everytime I have been in there, looks like she doesnt want to be there, tired and annoyed. Even to answer a question seems to be a stretch for this woman. She wasnt very nice during my appointment either.

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    Where would you all reccomend me looking for a wedding dress in Anchorage? Also trying to find a venue that can accomdate at least 350 or 300 people that?? Thats not to expensive!!! :)
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    I feel your a plus size bride so when i walked into David's Bridal they lady was already very resistant and once we picked out dresses she put me in one and then left me for 48 minutes and took on a totally different customer who was thin and that she was very attentive to i was so hurt that i made my mom get me outta the dress and then just left....they dress i did pick was from davids bridal but i ceritianly did not buy it there i found somewhere else that made the same excate dress and they were extremly nice and helpful
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    I've been there for dress shopping with my daughters & we actually rented suits from their tuxedo shop & had a terrible experience. Suits were not ready a few days prior to the wedding as we were told they would be. We got them the day before the wedding only to find that they looked dirty, needing pressing etc. At the wedding, buttons were falling off as were hems. Brides Fathers suit had powder stain on the shoulder from the previous user. It was unacceptable. I have purchased all 3 of my daughters wedding dresses at ARCTIC ROSE in Wasilla.  The owner Diane is wonderful & very profeesional as she has been in the business for many many years and her prices are very reasonable.
  • To davejess06. Don't know if you got your dress already, but if you're absolutely opposed to David's Bridal you could try Anderson's Bride or there's a small boutique downtown on C street (near the 5th ave parking garage). I went to Anderson's with a friend of mine who got married last year and it was an incredibly personal experience. I was impressed. I was just at David's here in Anchorage on December 15th and had a relatively good experience. My consultants were very helpful and nice, even though the main girl who was helping me was also working with another bride. They brought me every dress I asked for (unless they didn't have it in stock, which I understood) and never once rushed me. They even brought me other ones just to try and brought me several veils to help me choose the perfect one. The only downside I would say was I spent quite a bit of time just waiting around. But! On the upside of that, it gave me the time to ponder the dresses on my own. So you take it the way you see it ;) I bought my dress and veil that day and even got to take them both home. Their website says if you want a more personal experience, go on a weekday. If you enjoy sharing the moment and excitement with other brides, choose a weekend. It's best to set up an appointment, make an account online, and save dresses, shoes, and accessories to your favorites so when you go in they can pull them for you right away.
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