Alterations--Hem, Corset Back Prices?

Hi ladies! I found the dress I'm in love with, but I was wondering if any of you could point me to an excellent alteration place. I'm also wondering where you had your dress altered and how much you paid for adding a corset back and hemming your dress? Thanks!

Re: Alterations--Hem, Corset Back Prices?

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    Where are you? A and L Sewing did mine. The lady who runs it is named Avelina and she does great work for a very good price. I had the shoulders taken in, waist taken in, neckline up a bit, hemmed, and bustled and rented a petticoat for less than 100! I was shocke considering I've heard of 500 plus for alterations. I had two friends use her for wedding gowns one who had her mom's dress almost completely remade and they were also very satisfied with her work.

  • I am in Anchorage--I think the place you mentioned is in Fairbanks? I HOPE I can find a recommendation for a place here that will be that reasonable and reliable! :)
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    Oh my gosh! I had those exact things done to my wedding dress when I got married! Celestial designs out in Wasilla is fantastic!! The corset back she did was absolutely amazing!! I don't remember the price, but I know we were tight on funds so it wouldn't have been too crazy. She just opened a shop over the papa johns right off the main stretch out there. Celeste is so much fun and easy to work with, give her a try!
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