I'm back! kind of

It seems like I havent been on here in FOREVER!  So many people have gotten married and are back from honeymoons!  I've missed so much.. but i have full intentions of catching up on everything.  UPDATE ON MY LIFE:The husband and I bought our first home.  We are all moved in and have started painting and making it "us."  We are on month 5 of TTC!  He is taking it much better then I am.  I am just anxious and I watch so many prgnancy shows and read so much stuff that I am like oh well what if this is wrong and we wont ever get pregnant.  But I have faith and I know that when the time is right it will happen.  Um.. besides that, we still do not have internet at the house.  Apparently we live in the middle of know where and we havent found a provider that offers unlimited internet access!  But hopefully I will be able to get online alot more.. DH and I both start college courses again next month and we are very excited.  Its been 10 years for him... he's a little nervous.  We have 2 classes together though.  And I know that he will be great.  I cant wait to start looking at everyones updated profiles and see pics!  I hope that everyone who got married while I was on internet leave had the wedding of their dreams! 

Re: I'm back! kind of

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    Sorry in advance for the unsolicited advice...I bought the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility.  I was using it as a preventative.  However, I lent it to a friend who was TTC.  She got pregnant her first month of reading the book.  It's a good book to teach you about your body and whatnot.  I would recommend it to every woman to read, TTC or not!
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    thank you!  i'll definatly look for it asap.  i am taking any advice thrown my way. 
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