Alda's Magnolia Hill

Anyone gotten married, getting married or been to wedding here?

Of course I've seen tons of pictures and toured the place, but I want to know if anyone has any reviews?
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Re: Alda's Magnolia Hill

  • We were going to get married there before we decided to get married in Fayetteville.  I have the information sheet the venue sent me if you don't have it yet.
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  • I haven't been to a wedding there, but I took my bridal portraits there just a couple of weeks ago.  It was fabulous.  I also went to college with Alda's son and know her really well.  Since I can't speak about how the weddings are from personal experience, I will just say this:  Alda is the sweetest Southern lady I know, and she will do everything to make your wedding day perfect.
  • weddingwire and weddingproject and arkansas bride all gave her great reviews. I was considering using Alda'a hill as our venue and I remember doing a lot of research on her. The only negative review I found said that she promised some things, probably forgot about it, and didn't deliver on the promise. That was one review out of the perhaps 40 I read. The only reason I didn't choose her as a venue was because she was a bit out of my budget, but I would've loved working with such a nice, considerate, and caring woman. Most people referred to her as "a truly hospitable and gracious southern woman".
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