Shellac nails?

Hey girls,

Have you ever tried the shellac nails? Do you have anywhere to recommend?

Re: Shellac nails?

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    I've tried them.  The first time, the guy didn't put my nails under UV for the base coat, so they came off quickly.  The second time, one of my nails started lifting within a couple of days, I called and they fixed it free of charge.  After that, they stayed pretty for about a week, but they started lifting and stuff at about the week mark. The second time I got them, I got them at Kenneths Salon in New Albany. Tegan is the one that corrected my messed up nail.  She's really awesome and sweet.  I would recommend her.  But, they aren't cheap.  I think I have a coupon for $5 or $10 off if you've never been to Kenneths before.  If you want to try them, I can mail you a coupon.
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    Generally, I have heard they aren't worth the money. I have never had one myself though.
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    i got a different kind done at a nail salon in the graceland shopping center. they were awesome.
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    Side note: I got "Gel" nails last week.....they go right on your nails and aren't fake nails. But, they're pretty strong. The only problem: I can tell that my nails have grown in the past week! Hahaha.  Not a bad thing, but no chipping or anything.  It's a bit more expensive than shellac and regular mani.  I mainly want to try to grow out my nails a little more in the last month I have.
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    thanks nnoble. the gel nails is what i got. if you get the french mani, the grow out looks less weird. i got light pink and no one else seemed to notice but me. 
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    I live for the gel nails. there are a few lines out there right now. Axxiom by OPI, Shellac by CND, and Gellish. I love the Gellish just because there are so many different colors and combinations that you can try out. I like them because I am rough on my hands at work (I'm a server/bartender) and they stay put. I can get mine to last about 1.5 weeks before they start peeling majorly. I think the would be great for a wedding day look ( I love the color "little princess" and am using that for my wedding day nails!) and will last if you get your nails done a few days beforehand so you aren't panicking the day of or before. I get mine done pretty much whereever they have it available. I usually go to Elli Nail Spa in worthington (pricey!), or L&T Nail salon in gahanna/new albany. I've been using them for the past year or so. Just when they start to peel up, don't tear away the color because it will eff up your nail beds and make them stripey.
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    I get the Gellish brand and LOVE them!  I go to The Nial Retreat in Dublin, Q is the guy that I always go to.  He is awesome!!  They usually last me about 3 weeks.
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    Thanks girls,

    Sounds like gel nails are the way to go. I'll check those out.
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