Could really use some help!

I'm helping my brother and his fiance (who are currently living in Japan) plan a wedding back here in Columbus. They really like the Little Turtle Golf Club in Westerville and the Creekside Conference and Event Center in Gahanna. Basically I'm looking for vendor reviews, bios, pictures, advice....anything regarding the venues above. Thanks in advance :)

Re: Could really use some help!

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    I would be more than happy to share my vendors, however I haven't gotten a chance to do my vendor reviews in my wedding bio. Let me know.

    I would also try to start looking in some of the married ladies bio's as a lot of them have vendor reviews listed. Another good place is to look back through the various threads on this board as many of the married ladies typed their vendor reviews in there.
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    I agree with Missy, search "Vendor Reviews" and you'll get lots of reviews!
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    We had our reception at Creekside in Gahanna. It was absolutely perfect- very modern but romantic, great food, Katherine was great to work with- everything we could have asked for. I posted my review a while ago, but feel free to look at my posts in my profile or PM me. Our pro pics aren't on Pictage anymore, but I might be able to find some non-pro pics. 

    Oh and I was interviewed by Columbus Bride soon after the wedding! It's about our reception. (Too late to submit photos for the issue out now and where my interview is printed- most brides were from Fall 2009, but CB told me I can still submit photos to appear in the next one.) The newest one was just released this month, and can also be read on the website under the reception section. Here's the link:http://www.columbusbride.com/the_event/receptions/article_7c7fa044-7efb-11df-a5d5-001cc4c03286.html. Keep reading- because we're featured throughout the article. How exciting- even my husband is bragging!!!!
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    My fiance and I are using Little Turtle Golf Club for our reception and we are so excited! You should make an appt to meet with Kim (activities coordinator) to see the place. She is a big reason as to why we wanted to have it there, we were very impressed with her and trust her to make sure our day is perfect. We are planning from out of town as well. I actually just got a post card from Little Turtle about a "Banquet Room Open House" on 10/13 where you can taste the food, see the place, and meet with their recommended vendors. I think you have to RSVP, but might be worth checking out! PM me if you have any questions :)

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