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I need help!!

Long story short my fiance and I were supposed to be getting married next July, but he is deploying with the 116th Cav in September, so we are getting married this July.  Since the wedding is so soon we can't spend a lot of money, because we don't have a lot to dish out, but we still want to have a nice wedding.  We want an outdoor wedding so we decided on the Rose Garden downtown. But the only downside of that is a standing ceremony.  Are standing ceremonies really that bad?

Another note, would it be better to be married in the Rose Garden or Albertsons Park?  IDK which one would have more room so people can see us clearly.  And if not then what would be a good park or somewhere outdoors to be married?

Sorry for all the questions! I am just desperate for some advice!

Re: I need help!!

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    My friend got married in Albertson's park and had a standing ceremony.  It wasn't horrible, just a lot of guests weren't able to see as well as they would have been able to in a seated ceremony.  What is your guest count?  There are a lot of different sizes of ceremony places in Albertson's park depending on the size of your guest list. 
    I've never been to a ceremony at the Rose Garden, but it is done often.  Things are different here and I don't think people really mind doing the standing ceremonies at those locations because they are such popular spots.
    I think if you have a smaller guest list then Albertson's park would be good but really do it wherever YOU want to have it.  The ceremony is about you and your FI.
    Good luck and congratulations!  And thank you to your FI for serving!
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    Well its going to be a pretty small ceremony, were expecting anywhere between 50-70 people at the most.  I really love Albertsons park because its bigger than the Rose Garden and the scenery is very pretty for pictures.  But today my Finace and I were talking and we might end up having a backyard wedding so we can have seating for our guests, only problem now is that we can't find anyone who has a big enough backyard to have a ceremony and reception at!  And I don't want to ask if you or anyone else knows of someones backyard we could rent out to get married in, but we just really don't know what to do since the wedding is so soon.
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    I would just ask around.  People you know may have a backyard or know of someone with a backyard that they would be willing to let you use.  You never know.
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    The Bishop's House at the Old Penitentary is really nice for smaller outdoor weddings.  There is space to seat your guests and have the reception.  Good Luck!
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