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Hey all :)

I am looking for ideas for a wedding and reception at Confluence Park. If anyone has had their event there or knows of anyone that has, could you post links to pictures?

Also, anyone who has had their wedding there, can you share your experience?


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    Hey there! I haven't ever been to a wedding there, but have been to an event there. One of the clubs I was in when I was in college had a banquet there one time. The food was delicious and the view of the Scioto River was spectacular. Of course, this was quite a few years ago and things could have changed some since then. I do believe the were doing some remodeling or about to start some when I was last there, so they layout may be a bit different. And I think they have several different rooms that are of varying sizes.

    Good luck!

    Here is a link to their website:  http://www.riverclubrestaurant.com/riverclub/
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    I have heard good and bad things about the food. My friend had a wedding there last year and it was okay in my book. Middle of the Road! All the Best!
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    I had my wedding there in 2009.  What room are you in?  I was in the Buckeye Room and can share my pictures.  I had a wonderful experience there.  I know it was a few years and things have changed since I was there (ie: everything was included in the price of dinner - cake, toast, centerpieces, etc.).  I was nervous about the food because we didn't taste test until about a week before, but it was great!  We got a ton of compliments from our guests on how nice the staff was too.  


    We made this site after the wedding for our guests.  You can find the reception pictures under the album labeled "wedding" Hope this helps some.  The Confluence pictures start around picture #551.

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