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Does anyone else have the problem of not being able to see the countdown numbers on the main TK page anymore?

Any idea how to fix this ?

Wedding Countdown Ticker

Re: Help

  • Yes.  Ihave had this happen too. 

    If you click on "My Knot" and either the Budgeter or Checklist, you can see the days left on there.

    This has been my only way around it.
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    I've noticed it too! I don't think there is a way to fix. Tk is glitchy. I'm sure it will return sooner or later.
  • Yes. This has been driving me nuts for a week! The way Penny said is the only way I've found too. Oh and my registry has a countdown and since I stalk that constantly I've been using it.

    image 180 invited image 145 are ready to party image 35 are missing out image 0! can't find the mailbox rsvp's due back June 20th! Wedding Countdown Ticker
  • Yeah, mine's been doing that for a while and saying that all my tasks are completed, but when I click on My Knot it shows the countdown and my tasks left.
    Wedding Countdown Ticker Untitled
    image 218 Invited image 130 Are ready to party!! image 79 Are missing out. :( image 10 Are making me wait. :(
  • Yes this happened to me as well but only on my knot page at work.  If I log in from home then it is fine.. SO ANNOYING!!
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