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Place cards?

I am a little confused on what to do for our reception which is plated....mother in law insisted.  Anyways....I now need to make a card at each persons place setting to indicate the meal they choose.  I was thinking color coding them since I have a few colors.  But do I put the cards on the table in addition to a seating chart at the entrance OR do I put the place cards on a table at the entrance in alphabetical order, with their table assignment and have them take them to the tables?  I am probably making this more difficult than necessary so I could use some suggestions...thanks!

Re: Place cards?

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    Yes to the latter part of your question.
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    If you have a larger guest list, then ditto pp and use escort cards and let your guests take them to their seats. (Different colors or different graphics would be a subtle way to indicate their meal choice.) But if you have a small crowd, place cards may work better than escort cards.
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    do you think your guests will actually take the cards and place them at their seats for the waiters to see? I wasn't sure about that, so I am doing placecards already at their seats and then having an alphabetical seating chart outside of the reception hall! I also am using different colors to signify chicken or beef (both have the same design on them).
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    gcb that is what I was nervous about....who knows if they would take them to their seats and actually display them.  so many little details to figure out...thanks guys
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    We went to a wedding last summer where she did the prettiest escort cards. She used a wine cork and created a slit for a small piece of cardstock that had our names printed on it. She then used a pink or brown jewel (not sure the right name for it lol) in the upper right corner to denote the meal choice. It was nice because the nature of it meant you had to sit it upright. It made it a little easier for people to use.
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