Four Seasons Hilliard, OH

Does anyone know anything about this place? The good...the bad...the ugly?? Please share. TIA
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Re: Four Seasons Hilliard, OH

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    Haven't been to a wedding there, but I have been to a work banquet there.  I liked it, the food was good, the people were really nice to work with and accommodated our budget.

    It was a good atmosphere, I'm just not sure how it would work with a wedding, since the fireplace is kind of in the middle.  But I guess it just depends what kind of layout you'd want. 
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    I went to a wedding there and it was beautiful!  They had the ceremony out by the lake and the reception indoors.  The food was tasty.  The room we were in was for a smaller affair (less than 100), but I think they have other sizes.  I would definitely say it is worth checking out.
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    We went over there to look when they were closed once.  It looks really nice.  There are 3 different areas you can do a ceremony outside.

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    Pretty venue but it is right next to I-270. VERY LOUD! also, the fireplace is in the middle of the room. I had a friend tell me they are closing... might be a rumor but that is all I have to pass along.
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