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Some reviews from my wedding September 29th. I might be a little bias with Hy-Vee since I work there, but I'll be as honest as I can! Even adding a few pics

Venue - Peeper Ranch (A)
This place is gorgeous! Theresa Beers (coordinator) helped us through every step and answered every question/concern we had. It's a unique space, so arranging tables was a small chore but it wasn't that difficult. The one little problem we had the whole night was the power box for the speakers at the gazebo kept cracking and popping, which sucked during the vows but that was it.

Cake, food, flowers - Hy-Vee (A)
Cake was amazing! Flavors were-white with strawberry mousse and fresh strawberries, chocolate with chocolate mousse, and orange creme.
Food was delicious, we had pulled pork and grilled chicken sandwiches and a bunch of sides. We had a TON left over, didn't run out at all. The servers kicked butt too.
Flowers were gorgeous, she used the flowers I wanted and in my budget. I was expecting a slightly larger bouquet for me, it was the same size as the BMs, but it wasn't a huge issue for me.
Dress - David's Bridal (B)
I went during the week when it wasn't busy. Tried on a couple dresses and decided on one that was on sale. It was an Oleg Cassini. I noticed the lining getting unraveled and whatnot, and on the day the flower came apart. Little disappointed but not that bad for $300.

Limo - Girls Night Out (A)
The owner of the company is our friend's brother in law so we got a little deal on it. Not much to say, the limo was clean and the driver was nice and competent. We had it for the afternoon to take us to the ranch and then at night to the hotel, also had it for any guests staying at the hotel.

DJ/videographer - Complete Music (A+ for the DJ) (undecided for the videographer)
Our DJ was Bryant and he was perfect! We weren't sure what we were doing when we had our meeting and he suggested certain things, and it worked. We were against the dollar dance and he convinced us to do it and I was pleased afterward. He got us to do a conga line which was fun and A LOT of people joined in! My favorite part was when I asked him to play "Tearin Up My Heart" and all the girls sang at the top of our lungs.
Our videographer was nice and seemed to be everywhere the fun was, but I won't grade him until we get our video back.

**guest pic of us dancing**

Photographer - Jim Powers (A)
He was so laid back like us it worked out perfectly. Our epics were adorable and we got some photos back the other day and they look great. I gave him a little list of pics that I was hoping to do, but we were running a little behind and didn't get to them which I'm a little disappointed but it wasn't his fault. I'm sure he got some great ones in their place.

Overall I had a blast and everyone else did too! Which is all that matters :)

Re: 9-29 reviews

  • How many people were in your wedding? My fiance and I have been looking at Peeper Ranch, and we have a guest list of about 150 people. We weren't sure how the space was.
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  • We ended up with around 175 and had plenty of room. If you decide on booking it and want more information just PM me and I'll help you out!
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