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Looking for affordable venue

I just started planning for my Sept 2012 wedding and I am looking for a affordable venue under 1,000 to have the wedding and reception.Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I have been looking around and everything I have came across is over that budget,Thanks!

Re: Looking for affordable venue

  • Oh and I want to be able to bring in my own caterer,thanks!
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    ** it might help to know how many guests you plan on having. If it's around 100, you will have a better chance at finding a place.

    I'm getting married in Sept too, the 29th. I am getting married at Peeper Ranch in Lenexa, it's $1000 for the whole day, and rehearsal the night before (not food though). You DO need to rent tables and chairs though so it might not be in your budget. You bring in a caterer.

    Others that might work

    Parkway West in Overland Park KS
    Cellar 222 in KCMO (i think it's a little more than 1000 but really pretty!)
    Lake Paradise Resort in Lone Jack Mo
    Shawnee Town in ... Shawnee KS lol

    I suggest getting a KC Weddings magazine. There are TONS of listings and most of them say "varies" on their price so you would need to look them up online or call. They are 3.95 or go to a HyVee and they normally give them away at the bakery and floral dept. (at least mine does, I am a cake designer at one)

  • Try Olde Mill Emporium in Parkville. That's where we are having ours. They do catering, but are fine with outside caterers, for a little bit more (but only like $100 or something). http://www.oldemillcatering.com/Photos.html
  • ooo oo ooo! I have been looking to rec our wedding venue!  We got married at the Stanley Event Space in Lee's Summit, MO.  It was perfect and would fit your budget.  Please contact Jennifer, one of the owners, she is fabulous!  Tell her that Ashley and Kris referred you (no prize to us for it, but I want them to know we are referring peeps!)  I cannot tell you how much we loved this venue and especially the people!  Good luck!
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  • I just booked Olde Mill Catering in Parkville, Mo.  It's super cute and has a rustic vibe to it.  The venue itself is $1750 and include a 5 hour even window, tables, chairs, linens, dishes, flatware, cups for the bar and water glasses.  Their food isn't the cheapest but it's not too horribly bad.  The fee for having an outside caterer is $800.

    After reading reviews online for it I wasn't even going to give it a second look but the owner definitely helped to ease my nerves.  The old reviews were written before the current owner took it over.
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  • I recently booked the Olde Mill after having a hard time finding a venue I truly loved and could afford.  I was thrilled when my September 21st date was availalbe.  It was the rustic feel I wanted.  A week later the owner called to tell me he had double booked my date.  I was irate.  I couldn't believe how unprofessional that was and I scrambled to find a new date. I ended up having to move it up a month and various family members from Canada had to take a hit on their plane tickets.  This was absolutely pathetic.  When I was looking at venues again, I spoke with a woman who told me she knew of another bride who only a bit earlier had booked the same venue and the owner did the same thing to her.  What a crock!  Needless to say, the BBB has had a full report.  It truly took the joy out of my planning for a while.  Now I booked the Rivermarket Event Place and it is gorgeous!!! 
  • The renovated tobacco barn in Weston Bend State Park rents for $330 for the whole weekend. You can bring in your own food and drink and it is a private reception space in the park. We got married there last month and it was fantastic. They don't advertise...it is a hidden gem in Weston!
  • We're getting married at Artis in downtown area. It's only $900 and can fit 150 guests max. It is a very nice venue if you don't have a huge crowd.
  • Amymaimee- Did you get married at their studio or something? I don't see anything about event space on their website ( I could be overlooking it though :) )

    AshnKris- Do you mind if I ask how much the Stanley was? It looks too gorgeous to go for under 1000

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