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We are seriously looking at the Foundation in the West Bottoms KC, MO. I know they don't advertise much, so having a tough time doing my due diligence on the place. Anyone getting married there or have attended a reception there? We are looking to do a reception for approx. 250 guests.

We got burned by the Stowe....so I really want to research this one.

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    We were also burned. We have already booked the Foundation. I think that place is super cool and I think pictures will be great there. Since you bring in all of your own vendors, it is pretty much up to you on how it will turn out. I went one day and they had the place set up for a wedding and all of the tables, chairs and linens looked great.

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    That is great to hear. I thought Patrick seemed very knowledgeable too.
    How many guests are you having? We are thinking 200-250?
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    We are having around 150; however the room was set up for I believe 200-250 people and they had PLENTY of room. It looked spaced out really well.
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    Sorry, I posted on your other post instead of this one.

    I was going to tell you that I have been really pleased with how we have been treated and we are getting married at the Boulevard Brewery on SW boulevard. Its called the Muehlbach Suite and its lovely. You can see the whole city and the reception area is so modern. I love it. They have been so helpful and you provide all your own vendors which i appreciate.
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    We love Patrick and have had a fabulous experience so far. Since we first toured in April to last weekend he has continually updated the venue. I was there last weekend as they were setting up for a wedding and it looked great. 

    I also shared concerns about the recent closings of many venues in the area and Patrick was on top of his game regarding permitting. They own the building and have been there for 7 years. 
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    Hi Erin,

    It has been a while since we have toured. What are some updates you noticed? Thank you so much!

  • sorry for the late reply - he was doing small things, replacing the water fountain to make sure it was up to code - and bigger things like replacing the flooring in the entry way. 
  • Did any of you end up using the Foundation?  How was your experience?  Would you recommend this venue?

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